Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tucson: LTW ETCETREA presents "Street-Prov"



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Live Theatre Workshop's
Late Night Series, Proudly Presents




In cultivating a home for the radically absurd and the outright insane, The Street-Prov Theatre Collective decided to shed the shackles of form and structure for an Anarchic breed of freeform improvisation. Fast cuts, long intangible scenes and general chaos abound. Anything can exist on this stage, from talking carrots reminding you why your mother doesn't love you to divorce counseling turned into a mediation love square. This is a show that may leave you wondering why you ever listened to what you were told."They" told us, "don't go to crazy town," unfortunately for "Them", The S-PTC lives there. Anything can happen here, boundaries are pushed, doors are opened, enlightenment found. Long form improv, interviews, and whatever ruckus we feel like causing straight to the people. Audience participation is an absolute imperative. We could just do the show without your help, but what fun would that be? That’s right, none.


Feb 2 thru March 1 2008
Saturday Nights at 10:30 pm
Admission: $8 - $11 (Discounts Available)
Call 327-4242 for Reservations and Info


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