Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tucson: SIS Extras Open Call Saturday Phoenix - Paid extra work

From: Good Faith Casting []
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 12:10 PM
Subject: SIS Extras Open Call

Good Faith Casting
January 24th, 2008

Please read the following very carefully.

Our office is doing local casting for the film "S.I.S." This is the story of a secret investigative unit within the LAPD, a five-man team that tackles major crimes and major criminals, a team with a reputation for operating not just under the
radar, but also outside the law...

Paid extra work.

The extras are broken down as follows:

Chinatown extras: 18+, Asian, male or female.
Gang bangers: 18 - 25, African-American, male.

Crime scene cops and forensic technicians: 25 - 40's, any ethnicity, male or female. Please mention in your submission if you work in the police department.

Back alley bums: 35+, any ethnicity.
Two Persian Diamond Center sales clerks: 35 - 50, male.

Flower seller: 20 - 30, Hispanic, male

Garcia's sons (2): 4 - 8, Hispanic, male

Shoppers: 18+, Any Ethnicity, male or female.

The following are photo extras needed. These extras will be photographed beforehand and seen in a picture at some point in the movie.

Fred Taylor: 40 - 50, African - American, male, murdered in police photo.

Amy Taylor: 40 - 50, African - American, female, murdered in police photo.

Taylor's Teenage Son: 16 - 20, African - American, murdered in police photo.

Mrs. Williams: 35 - 50, African - American, heavy-set, murdered in police photo.

To submit, please come to the office sometime between 12pm and 5pm on Saturday, January 26th.The office is located at 2617 S. 46th Street Suite #300 in Phoenix (46th Street & University). If you have already come by the office, you do not need to come back.

Faith Hibbs-Clark, C.S.A. Casting Director
Good Faith Casting

Good Faith Casting | 2617 South 46th Street | Suite 300 | Phoenix | AZ | 85034

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