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Tucson: Another weekend of auditions has been added for the feature film, Trade In


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Another weekend of auditions has been added for the feature film, Trade In.  Audition times are:


Thursday, October 16, 4:00 - 8:00 PM

Friday, October 17, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday, October 18, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The audition location is Aufmuth Motors, 3981 N Business Center Drive, Tucson (just west of I-10, north of Prince Road).  Auditions will be held at the northwest corner of the building.


Actors chosen for callbacks should plan to return on Sunday, October 19, and possibly Monday, October 20.


If you already auditioned last weekend, there is no need to audition again.  However, if you auditioned prior to October 9, please audition again so the new director can see you.   We have not made any final casting decisions at this point, including the leads.


We are seeking actors for about 20 principle roles of various ethnicities and adult ages.  All actors will be paid a daily rate.  We will also be casting about 25 extras, also adults.  Extras will receive a daily stipend.


Sides can be found at  In the Keyword box, type Trade In.  Do not select a project category.  Click on Search.  A list of sides will appear.  Note that there will be two pages, so click on Next to see the others.  Click on a character name to see the sides.


Filming will be in Tucson, Tuesdays through Saturdays, October 28 through November 22, during the daytime.


No appointments are necessary for the auditions, however you can request a specific time in advance by sending an e-mail to  Please bring resume and headshot or photo to the auditions, if you have them.


Trade In is a comedy about a car dealer looking for an innovative way to get out of financial trouble and only finds himself in a bigger mess.


Character Breakdowns:


M- 25-35
The Owner of The Kingdom of Cars. Step-son of Rebecca, Step-Brother of Victor.
Laid back and likeable, he is the consummate 2000’s everyman. He cares as much for his employees' wellbeing and happiness as he does turning a profit. He dresses hip but not on purpose. His cool and style is natural and unforced. He is our running commentary on the happenings around us and voice of reason. Marty is very likeable and easy to relate to. He is handsome in a unconventional way. His interaction with customers is always genial, friendly, and low pressure, yet he has the innate gift of salesmanship. He should represent the ideal of modern American young people: the lovable slacker who gets by on his wits and humor. He must have the charisma, comedic timing, and ability to be endearing yet acrid simultaneously. He must be an experienced, strong performer type solid dramatic and comedic acting a must. He must be played with emphasis on realism and truth in dialogue delivery.


M late 25-35

Salesman, Son of Rebecca, Step-Brother of Marty. Though outwardly very vocal and aggressive in sales situations, Victor is generally very lazy and has no idea what responsibility is. He plays the part of a popular, confident guy, but is actually pathetic. He is very proud of his mother, and seems a bit aroused by living vicariously through her promiscuity. Thinks his highly inappropriate sense of humor is acceptable social behavior.

M 35-45
General Sales Manager. He is in charge of day to day operation of the lot. Becomes a traitor to the Car Kingdom. Must be smarmily personable and leave an uneasy feeling in his wake. Everyone hates their boss. This is that guy.

F, 19-24
Sales Person. She is very attractive and sexually provocative. Sultry and sensual, she dresses as arousing as she can get away with at work. Crystal
uses her sexuality as a weapon- she wields it to make sales and manipulate men. Preferably red hair, light eyes/hair. She is actually a lesbian, and has to be able to purvey both an undercurrent of disdain for men and a sexual prowess at once.

M 30-50
Financier. Thinks himself much better/smarter/funnier than he is. Believes himself to be a GREAT motivator, uses constant sales jargon and clichés. Can be very fat. He’s way to into his job and his overbearing attempts to bond with his co-workers. You know that guy who always wants to bump fists with you? That’s this guy.
Cowboy Banker  He’s a cowboy. He’s a banker. He’s a cowboy banker.

F late 20's
Advertising Specialist. Initially brought in to help with advertising at the struggling Kingdom of Cars, she becomes the love interest of Marty. Gina is smart, sweet, very pretty and professional. In addition to her outward strength and acumen, she has a good moral compass and is very empathic. Her relationship with Marty slowly evolves from an initial dislike of his chauvinistic ways into a romantic involvement. She must be a motivator and a sympathizer. She has a dynamic range and must be able to convey a large emotional spectrum. She must be played with emphasis on realism and truth in dialogue delivery.
M, Any age
Eccentric Porn Director. As over the top as possible, he has an indeterminate accent or dialect. Effeminate and charismatic, he is over the top bizarre. He is a character and can be much bigger in action than the more realistic leads. He exists only in the world of porn and has no ties to reality.

M, 20's
Porn Director Assistant. A strange little fellow that flutters about Mole attending to his needs. Any amount of extreme characterization is appropriate as he exists only in the world of porn. He is a ridiculous character and can be much bigger in action than the more realistic leads.

F 40’s
Step Mother of Marty, Mother of Victor
. Cougar, Former Beauty Queen, Current Human Trainwreck. She was once a trophy wife, but now tries to overcompensate with make-up, provocative outfits, and promiscuous behavior. Becca has had too much tanning and Botox before it was needed. She is constantly drunk and/or on prescription medications in public, sloppy in her sexuality, and completely inappropriate and overtly sexual to.... well... everyone. Has a creepily Oedipal relationship with her son. Rebecca is desperate for attention.

M, 20's
. Profoundly and totally deaf. Speaks like a person who has never heard a spoken word would. He has a relatively muscular build, and is generally good looking. MUST have great comedic timing and understanding of comedy.

F Old+
Old Secretary
. Ancient lady who has been with the Kingdom of Cars since the start. Is sexually frustrated and is incredibly inappropriate with customers.
F Early 20's
Young Secretary
. Appears to be yet another big-busted eye-candy secretary, but is actually quite intellectual. Preferably blonde, big bust little voice.

M  30-50
Mexican Mechanic
. Prone to frequent outbursts of Spanish obscenities, but also able to deliver heartfelt Spanish monologue. He is a character and can be much bigger in action than the more realistic leads.

M 40-50’s
Owner of The Car Empire.
Dresses and behaves like a Roman Emperor. Can be short and have small man syndrome, but is very pompous and ridiculously egocentric. He has severe delusions of grandeur. Must be able to convey a sense of sinister opulence and have strong comedic sensibilities and character choices.

M 40’s
Business man first, porn connoisseur second. Godfather of Marty. Swarthy man, heavyset, short. Actual Godfather of Martin. Old friend of the family. Not actually a bad guy, but does bad things.

Late 20’s M.
. Very handsome, very good with the ladies without trying. Actually very in to older... much older... women. Has an air of Soap Opera acting about him. Although he appears to be nothing but a womanizer, care must be taken to give him depth, as his sexual escapades come from a deep rooted sense of insecurity and inadequacy.

M Old+
Old Sales guy.
Rambles non-stop at anyone and everyone who he can corner for hours on end, including customers. Will talk about Vietnam, politics, his love for Sarah Palin. Always has a child size thirst buster cup nearby full of what may quite possibly be Scotch. Loves his Yorkshire terrier “Charlie.”

M 50’s
. He quietly says very benign things that come across as totally creepy. All the other workers are freaked out by him, as he always seems to be around at the most inopportune and awkward of times. Sometimes he stands very close when he talks. He is quite possibly a serial killer, whereas “quite possibly” means “the authorities have as of yet found the bodies.”

M, 25+
Big intimidating guys. Silent except for profound, insightful, sage-like discussions.


Also need people to play a variety of car customers and film crew and actors (for the film within the film).


The director of the film is Jackie Lee James.  Jack has directed nine short films, several documentaries, and three music videos.  His short The Morning won 1st Runner-Up for Best Short Film at the Peoria Film Festival.  No Way Out won Best Film in the IFASA Three-Minute Thriller Contest and With Us won 3rd Place the following year.  His first film, Liquid Country, was an official selection in the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.


The Director of Photography is Derek Griffith.  Derek has eight years professional experience as a producer and videographer at the UA and now owns Director's Seat Productions.  As DP, director, and 2nd unit director, his films have won many awards, including the Audience Choice Award at the Sedona Film Festival, winner of Reel Inspiration, two-time winner of the IFASA Three-Minute Thriller Contest, and runner-up in the 48-Hour Film Contest.  He has also had official selections in the Arizona International Film Festival and Peoria Film Festival.


The producers are Brian McLaughlin and Jeremy Womac.  Brian has produced five feature films, including Red 71 and Good Boy, and eight short films, including Alma, which has won various awards including Best Narrative Film at the University Film and Video Association Conference.  Red 71 premiered in New York City and is currently playing at the Harkins Valley Art in Tempe.  He has also acted in almost 60 films under the stage name Brian Mulligan.  Brian is on the board of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona.  Jeremy has produced one feature and several short films and music videos.  The short With Us won 3rd Place in  the IFASA Three-Minute Thriller Contest and the Year of Acceleration music video was an official selection of the Peoria Film Festival.  He has also assistant directed several films, including six festival selections.

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