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Tucson: Cast and Crew call, Planet Naomi - feature film



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Subject: Updates for Planet Naomi - character breakdowns, shooting schedule


Character breakdowns, shooting schedule and many details have been updated for the Sci-Fi Thriller feature "Planet Naomi."  Please visit "Bloody Good Films!"


Feature film is a Sci-Fi/horror feature, the working title is Planet Naomi.

"When the ruling class becomes infected with an alien spore, a group of friends fight to survive, only to find that a mysterious woman holds the key to their future."

1.      Casting calls are late October-Mid November. Please email a link to your reel or video online.  You may also email links to your resume on IMDB or IFP.  

2.       Above and below line crew encouraged.  CELTX oriented producers, production managers and all filmmakers are especially needed.

3.      Principal shooting is in TUCSON!  2nd units will cover scenes in Northern Arizona and Dragoon.  

4.      Our studios are located behind the Walmart/DollarTree center on Alvernon & Grant.  Call for an appointment.

5.      **Action, Drone, WebTV and 2nd Unit scenes are being shot 12/6 - 12/16 - then principal footage will be scheduled for January.

6.      Average days are 8-10 hours in the BGF studio, which means NO early shoots, magic hour pressure, or unrighteous turnaround.

7.      This is a micro-budget feature film that offers salary payouts after the film is sold.

8.      We are fun to work with and you will be treated very well.

9.      IMDB accreditation and distribution is in place!

10.  Contact Dean Lachiusa, email:

Planet Naomi character breakdown:
Bruce (lead) 30's-Mid 40's. Athletic, single hetro male on the prowl, takes charge, a fighter, his mistakes include minor theft.

Daria (lead) Late 20's. A hiker, free spirited, Roberts girlfriend.

Mr. Webster (supporting lead) 40's-50's. Accountant who believes the working class need to shut up and listen.

Julie Webster (supporting lead) 30-early 40's. Stuck in a bad situation, she speaks her mind at the risk of a beating.

Trudy 20-30, (supporting) A passive, sexy lady, sensible, and in love with Bobby.

Bobby 30's,(supporting) Trudy's roommate and long time friend, clueless to her true feelings for him.

Naomi Webster Early 20's, Julie's adopted daughter, spacy and removed, she doesn't say much.

Robert Late 20's. Daria's boyfriend, funny, loveable goofball.

Cameos** Wide age range and unisex, several roles available including:
NASA Scientist,
UofA Professor,
News Reporter
News Reporter 2
WebTV Commentator
WebTV Commentator 2
Webcam broadcaster
Webcam broadcaster 2
Lead Drone
Lead Alien Stormtrooper

Several non-speaking roles as Drones are available. You don't need an acting portfolio to participate, but you do need to be an aspiring thespian.

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