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Tucson: Casting Call, Deerhead Productions - feature film



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Greetings---Deerhead Productions will be filming a feature film in Tucson in October and November. We are casting MANY types. Please see below for roles. This is a high concept American drama, that is shot on the best equipment. You will receive amazing footage,meals, and imdb credit. We are having auditions the second week of October. Pleae send picture and resume to

Jaci---Dakota's dad (late 40's-50s)—Native American with a drinking problem, has a illegitimate daughter he doesn't communicate with anymore
Bobby---Lizzy's boyfriend (30s)---strong actor, clean cut, good range, from likeable, nice guy, to controlling abusive boyfriend
Uncle Charlie—(late 50s-60) Steals and runs hot cars for a living, charming wit, loveable personality
Hank-- Truck Driver—aka birddog—(50s'-60s)—ex-con, heavy set, kind demeanor
Robert Duvall type
Mabel—(60s-70's) sweet old loving grandma type, wholesome, but aware
Jane---(60s) strong actress, loving sweet old women, gives good advice
Sarah---(4 years old) adorable, Caucasian girl, preferably blonde
Baby Sarah---(1 year old) small, cute baby, 1 quick scene
Lou-Ann---Southern accent, 30's—voiceover only
Gram and Albert (35-40)—Supporting roles of main character
3 to 4 executive types (early 30s-50s)---golfers, clean cut, CA business types
6-10 extras co-eds college age, real girls, not thin—running and jumping into lake and swimming, must be comfortable in undergarments and/or swimwear. NO NUDITY
Susan's Date/Steve—(30s)-clean-cut, scrawnier, business-type, bookish
4 yuppie wives and 4 yuppie husbands (20s-30s)-country club, golf types
2 Native American/Hispanic buddies- (30s-40s)—Jaci's drinking buddies
Maria's trick #1---(30s) heavy set
Junkie---Addicted to drugs
Maria's bar date--(40s) cowboy type
Ditch crew (30-50s)---rugged, blue collar, cowboy, working man type.
Asphalt Crew- (30-50s)
Background actors—all types for bar and diners scene
Featured Cowboys/Rodeo types- it would be great if you had your own wardrobe for these parts
Extras—ALL TYPES for bar and diner scenes

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