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Tucson: Actors 411: Free Call on Wednesday (11/19)!



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Actors 411: Free Call on Wednesday (11/19)!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick invitation to join me on the next ACTORS 411 call, happening on Wednesday, November 19th.

The topic for the call is: “Ask The Industry Coach,” where I’ll be answering your specific career questions!

The call takes place at 9:00pm Eastern (7:00pm Tucson), and if you would like to attend but have a scheduling conflict, all you need to do is register and you’ll have access to the call recording as soon as it’s posted!

My goal with these calls is to give you straightforward information and that's exactly what I'll be doing on this call, so take advantage of your chance to ask me ANY SPECIFC QUESTION you may have about your career.

I will be answering one question per person, and questions will be answered on a first come, first served basis.

In submitting your question, please do so using one of these formats:

  • How do I (find an agent, find an acting class, decide where to pursue my career, etc.)
  • What do I do (when my agent won't return my calls, I can't get auditions, etc.)
  • Can I (pursue a career outside of LA or New York, etc.)
  • Where do I (get the names and addresses of casting directors, find out what theatres have summer stock programs, etc.)
  • The biggest place I'm stuck is (having enough confidence, etc.) - How do I (develop a tougher skin, etc.)
  • My biggest fear is (auditioning, etc.) - How do I (get beyond it, etc.)

In submitting your questions, please include your first name and city, state or country, so I can acknowledge you. Thanks!

To submit your question, please Click Here (If you've already submitted a question, you do not need to resubmit it.)

If you still need to register for the call, you can do so here:

Look forward to speaking with you soon!

Sharon Moist
The Industry Coach®


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