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Tucson:: EIGHT FOR $8 - great theatre for 8 BUCKS! -Arizona Onstage and This Side Up....


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Monologues of laughter and hope from John Leguizamo's SPIC-O-RAMA and Danny Hoch's JAILS, HOSPITALS & HIP-HOP and SOME PEOPLE; short plays of larger-than-life characters by Tucson's Dawn C. Sellers and Richard Chaney.


Eight for Eight is a compilation of works that take you around the world and across time. From the top of Mt. Sinai to the Malecón in La Havana, from Jesus' last conversation with his mother to a Colombian who claims to be Laurence Olivier's love child, these stories will paint uncommon views of life's scenery you could have sworn you were familiar with.


On Danny Hoch's monologues:

"…hilarious, poignant poetry in the voices of his characters."  - Newsweek

"…possessed of both sharp observational distance and bone-deep empathy. Remarkable…vibrant." – The New York Times


John Leguizamo's SPIC-O-RAMA has garnered such acclaim as:

"Acidly funny." – Daily news, New York

"…wildly entertaining and memorable." – Chicago Tribune


The multitude of characters will be portrayed by Jaime Angulo, Chax, Tracy Loving, Mike Guyll, and Alejandro Samaniego. Direction by Richard Chaney, Kevin Johnson, and Eugenia Woods.


EIGHT FOR $8. Sunday December 7th at 2, 5, and 7:30PM.

Cabaret at The Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Avenue

For ticket reservations email

Or call 520.971.3128. Tickets will also be available at the door.

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