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Tucson: Actor's Gymnasium

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Actor's Gymnasium and Prescott College Tucson Center will host a free
eight-week workshop for actors and directors entitled "Earth, Air, Fire,
Water, Space and Time, a natural and empirical approach to pre-expressive
training and creative presence." The workshop will be held Saturdays from 2
- 4 p.m. at Prescott College Tucson Center, 2233 E. Speedway Blvd. The
workshop will begin January 24th and continue every Saturday through March
14th. Please see schedule and session topics below. Participants are
encouraged to attend all eight sessions but may attend if part as necessary.
Active and courteous participation/observation is required. Each two-hour
session will include a ten minute break with refreshments. For more
information please contact David Greenwood via email at or by phone at (520) 591-2476.

"Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space and Time"
A natural and empirical approach to pre-expressive training and scenic
presence for actors and directors

January 24th
Dynamic Breathing, Movement, Sound
Spirit (spiritus), Air, from inspiration (idea) to expiration (the end).

January 31st
Awareness and Sensitivity of the Body and the Environment
"The first step toward action and possibility is awareness."

February 7th
Rhythm, Music, Dance
Biological impulses repeated in forms so as to create a behavioral

February 14th
Memories and Associations of Sensation and Feeling
"It is untrue and complete nonsense that I have renounced memory of
feelings. I repeat this is the main element of our creativity."
-Stanislavsky 1937

February 21st
Active Mind, Active Body - creating a precise score of actions
Text, from texture, meaning "the weave" - actors create and weave a series
of actions as their performance text. The more intricate and detailed the
weave, the richer the performance.

February 28th
Intrigue and Story through logical and illogical actions, interruption and
What lifts an action or series of actions from the realm of banal and places
it in the realm of theatrical and/or poetic, thereby captivating the mind
and senses of the spectator?

March 7th
Wholeness and Creative Ardor
Seeking to understand the particular scenic traditions and the
cultural-historical contexts through which a performers unique personality
manifests itself.

March 14th
Energy and Adaptation
Finding "the simplest human condition" for working on the stage.

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