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Tucson: Stories that Soar! at Desert Willow Elementary


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In two weeks, Stories that Soar! will perform another set of original stories, written this time by students at Desert Willow Elementary AND exchange students from Navojoa, Mexico (who will be there for the show).  We would love to see you there, too!


We are very excited about this wonderful collaboration, helping to empower children through literature and theatre.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we hope you can make it to the show.







Stories that Soar! will serve a delicious feast of stories to Desert Willow students and their friends from Navojoa, Mexico

On Thursday, January 29th at Desert Willow Elementary, Stories that Soar! will return with an original show, created from some of the wonderful stories that the children have “fed” to the Magic Box. The hour long, variety style show will include dance, acrobatics, music, comedy, drama, amazing feats of imagination and a confetti filled author recognition.   


Through their involvement with Stories that Soar!, children understand that their ideas have the power to make change. Our process involves having them write down their original ideas in a format that can be shared with others. We then develop their stories into something that teaches, entertains and positively impacts the entire school community. They understand the connection between their stories and the performance they see, and that they all have this power, regardless of age, race, physical or academic ability.


Liz Bradshaw, Vail District Educational Enrichment Coordinator, participates in “Hands Across the Border” where students from the district engage in an exchange program with students from Navojoa, Mexico. The children from Mexico have sent stories to the Magic Box and they will be in Tucson during the performance, thus adding a unique cultural dimension to the show. Soon after, the students from Tucson will travel to Navojoa to practice their Spanish, attend school for a few days and learn more about the culture.


This performance has been made possible by the generosity of the Vail Education Foundation, Ward 4 Council member Shirley Scott, as well as in-school efforts, and by STS! grant funders: Arizona Commission on the Arts, Tucson-Pima Arts Council, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, Target Foundation and the Stocker Foundation.


To witness the magic of a live Stories that Soar! production, please join us Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. at Desert Willow Elementary School, located at 9400 E. Esmond Loop.


Visitors are welcome and encouraged to come see this show as long as they check in at the office.  For more information, please visit


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