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Tucson: Casting for reading of film script THE CANOE

Casting for reading of film script THE CANOE (Tucson)

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Date: 2009-01-22, 3:10PM MST

I am casting a reading of celebrated author John R. Gentile’s second feature length film script, THE CANOE. Looking to cast by resumes, bios, and headshots. The reading will be this Sunday January 25 from 4-6PM. I will get you a script by Saturday at the latest. Looking for several actors, some to play multiple roles:

MARTIN SANTONE (40) LEAD, Caucasian currently down on his luck after a stint in rehab.

JIMMY/SYD/MIKE/GEORGE (35-75) MULTIPLE ROLES, need a talented actor to read a Native American, a middle aged Jewish agent, a large freight running Caucasian, and a middle aged Native American quintessential politician.

CONNIE/VIOLET (17-55) MULTIPLE ROLES, a plump, middle aged white woman with a Canadian accent and a plump teen age employee at the general store.

JOSH HUDSON (13), a Native American wanna be gangster

LORETTA HUDSON (35), a slender Native American woman, mother of Josh

NARRATOR, someone with a great voice and stamina to read the majority of a 127 page film script.

Ethnicities, physical characteristics, and ages are NOT as important as the actors’ ability to bring these characters to life.

Appetizers and beverages will be provided for actors as well as a $10 honorarium. There will be many people from the film community invited and please bring a headshot, bio, and/or resume so we may post them in the lobby. If this event is successful in Tucson, I hope to set up many more. It is a great opportunity for actors to mingle with writers and others and hopefully be able to collaborate in the future. I have been a part of many of these and, as an actor, it can be a lot of fun for very little time invested. Thanks for your interest.


  • Location: Tucson
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: $10 honorarium plus food and beverages


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