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Tucson: Auditions ICON, a new play by Devin Gorman


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Subject: Audition announcement for ICON at Beowulf Alley Theatre


Auditions will be held for ICON, a new play by Devin Gorman, at Beowulf Alley Theatre next week, on Tuesday, May 10th, and Wednesday, May 11th, at 7:30 PM.  Actors should bring a headshot and resume, and monologues are not needed as we will be doing cold reads from the script.

ICON is a satire about art, family, psychoanalysis, and amateur back-alley dentistry.  Elisa is a brilliant but unbalanced artist and writer, whose husband's suicide 10 years ago still informs her work.  She is being treated by "writer's therapist" Dr. Hewitt in a rather psychologically unorthodox fashion.  Meanwhile, her vindictive brother Vaughn throws a birthday party for her, at which he plans to expose all her secrets.

The roles we will be casting for are:

ELISA, an eccentric woman, about 45

VAUGHN, her brother, in his late 30s

DANIEL, her son, 18 (we are also open to casting an actress in this role and rewriting as "Danielle"!)

TRICIA, Vaughn's girlfriend, 29

DR HEWITT,  a man or woman age 35-60, originator of "Writer's Therapy"

TRENT, a long-time friend of Vaughn and Elisa, 40

DENISE, Trent's wife, 40

KEITH, Elisa's former husband, seen before his death in his late 20s (this actor also plays RICK, a writer's therapy patient)


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