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Tucson: Castint Call, UofA Student short 3D Film, "Escape 3D"



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My name is Kandarp Shah. I am a student at the University of Arizona and this email is in regards to a 3D project that two UA students have been chosen for. The project/competition is sponsored by CMF and Panasonic.

We are looking for some actors for a short, 7 minutes, MMA film to be shot this weekend.

Thank you. 

Actors for Film: Escape 3D


Brief Synopsis: Two award winning Film and Media Arts students from the University of

Arizona have been chosen to compete in a world’s first student 3D Film Festival. The Festival

is organized and sponsored by the CampusMovieFest (CMF), Panasonic, and International 3D

Society. The writer/director has developed a script for a 5-7 minute long film entitled Escape.

The film will focus on a stoic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter with a troubled past who is still an

amateur but working his way to the top. The film will be shot using the latest Panasonic HDC-

SDT750 camera given to us by Panasonic.


When and where will the film be screened?


The 3D film will be screened at the CMF International Grand Finale at the Warner Brothers

Studios in LA this June, 2011.


Who is associated with this project?


CMF, the world's largest student film festival, has partnered with Panasonic and the International

3D Society to create the world's first 3D film festival. Selected filmmakers across the country

will have an opportunity to tell their stories in 3D, giving them the chance to experiment with the

revolutionary technology of consumer 3D filmmaking.

For more information:


How many crew members would the project require?

The successful completion of this project would require a total of 21 crew members and ~ 100

extras. The crew members entail the Actor, Producer, Director, First AD, DoP, Sound, Gaffer,

Key Grip, Assistant Grip. The extras will have students or campus members as audience.


Where and which day(s) would the production take place?

The production would take place at four different locations: 1) Apex MMA, 2) Tucson

Convention Center, 3) Old Residential Living Room, and 4) Old Locker Room

*The scheduled production dates are May, 14th and 15th.


Contact Information:

Kandarp Shah, Student Producer Zach Lorenz, Student Director

480.295.9375 520.471.1540


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