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Tucson: Teen Street needs Extras for Friday shoot



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Hey, everybody!


Teen Street could use another 10 extras or so for our shoot this Friday night.


Here's the basic info.  If you know of any contenders, please have them call or email.


Thanks a bunch!


Steve Anderson





A group of 20-30 high school students at a house party following a school dance.  This group is meant to represent the 'dark side.'  Mostly evil.  Mostly spoiled.  Bullies.  Mostly unconscious of the damage they do to other people.  Think of this group like the "elite group we love to hate."  Most of them left the dance early as they were more interested in getting away from any potential 'losers' at the dance, and to get on with their partying.  There is a significant moment in which most of them have a change of heart about the 'fun' of cyber-bullying as they deal with what they believe to be the group suicide of students they know - students who were bullied online.


The 'party-goers' play an integral part in this scene.  Some improvisation will be done, but there are also specific moments in which we will count on the party-goers to provide nuanced performances to bring texture and authenticity to the story.



The location is a beautiful home with a pool, outdoor fireplace, fountain, sculpture...all with a gorgeous view of the city lights below.  Shooting will mostly take place around the pool and fireplace - outdoors.  Directions will be sent to those who participate.



The scene will be shot on Friday, May 6th.  Call time is 5:00 p.m.  The shoot could go quite late as we won't begin actual shooting until the sun is all the way down.  We could go as late as 2:00 a.m., although our goal is to finish up by midnight.



Party-goers must be able to play 16-19.



There is no monetary compensation, but there will be plenty of good food and drink, and all participants will receive a copy of the completed film, the credit, and a ticket to any screenings that may be scheduled.



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