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Tucson: A bitter pill for the film bill

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Just adding a THANK YOU to Shelli and all of the TTA members who responded to her calls – and I know there were many of you who did.


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From: Shelli Hall []
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Friends of Film in Arizona,


I, like most people, hate to admit defeat, but admit it I must. HB2127 is essentially dead, and, along with it, the prospect of bringing thousands of jobs and millions in economic impact to AZ from an industry wanting to come here. Instead, a small, powerful group of our state’s leaders have decided to reject a lucrative, clean industry that produces one of our country’s biggest, virtually recession proof, exports.


We wish we knew why. We appreciate those legislators who have been straight with us. Sometimes we made changes to the bill based on their concerns, and sometimes we just agreed to respectfully disagree.  But for leaders and/or their staff to remain silent, to be duplicitous despite opportunities designed for input, or to break promises made, this is counter productive.


What is positive about all this? For three years in a row, the local film and tourism industries marched these production incentives bills through the Senate and on to the House where all three times we had the votes we needed to pass -- which is exactly why each Speaker wouldn’t allow our bills to be heard.  


What’s positive is the support we’ve had from the legislators who have stood by us all this time…especially Senator John Nelson who tirelessly sponsored the bills, spent countless hours listening to stakeholders and legislators and presided over the careful crafting of these bills, designed to benefit this state.


What’s also positive for me and my fellow Arizona Film & Media Coalition board members is to see that grass roots political efforts really can make a difference, and we have all of you (the only ones who are still reading this) to thank for that. Your commitment, enthusiasm and passion for this industry and this state make this extremely disappointing outcome more bearable.


One last thing…this bill was never about “Hollywood” but about the jobs, the nurturing of our existing talent pool, the hotel room nights, the car rentals, the small businesses that would have grown, the film tourism that would have resulted, and, yes, the…dare it say it…additional city, county and state tax revenues.


I need to sign off now, but we’ll follow up soon with a list of the Senate and House members who we need to thank. To get you started, here is Senator Nelson’s email:


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Shelli Hall


Tucson Film Office

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