Tuesday, March 10, 2015

IFA's April 7 Actors Meeting


From: Independent Film [mailto:independentfilmarizona@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, March 9, 2015 6:35 PM
Subject: IFA's April 7 Actors Meeting


Independent Film Arizona will have its annual Actors Meeting on Tuesday, April 7 at Connect Coworking, 33 South Fifth Avenue in Downtown Tucson.


We will have three acting instructors each of whom will give a 30 minute acting exercise.


Anyone who is present at the meeting will be allowed to vote for IFA's Top 100 Actors List.  For an actor to be on the ballot, you must nominate the actor before the start of the meeting by sending their name and email address to independentfilmarizona@gmail.com. Do it now so you don't forget.  We will announce the winners -- the 100 actors who will be on the list -- at the end of the meeting.


We will provide free head shots for actors at the meeting and auction off the edit of three actors reels.


Finally -- we will give any IFA Member at the meeting a copy of IFA's Directory of One Thousand Arizona Actors.  Pretty cool.


The meeting is free and open to all.  You can join IFA at independentfilmarizona.com -- for only $25 (which is tax deductible -- because we have been blessed by the federal government of the United States).


IFA's Actors Meeting. 7 PM. April 7. Connect. 33 South Fifth Avenue. Tucson. 



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