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Acting Class: "Why Act? The Bare Bones of Compassion"


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   Acting Class.  November 12 th 6-9 pm

   Location: Galactic Center 30 E. Toole


  "Why Act? The Bare Bones of Compassion"

    (This class is part of a series of classes offered which attendance of 1 will qualify  for discount at upcoming Dec 27th Grotowski acting workshop with Raina Von Waldenberg)


   A physical theatre based investigation of how we communicate by joining image, and by creating form for passion. We will search beneath the veils, masks and habituated movements that seperate us from being able to communicate essential human experience.

  We study body part image, plastiques, and  corporals. In these Grotowski based techniques it is not about layering on character but instead stripping away "pscho-nuerotic institutions of self" to the bare bones of touching core presence.


    $10-$20 sliding scale


(This is part of an ongoing series of Grotowski based classes started last November. )


Classes led by Diane Call and Ramjeet Tyrell,

Trained with Linda Putnam and Steven Wang (author of An Acrobat of the Heart) direct students of Jerzy Grotowski.

For more information 520-405-7940

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