Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Casting Call: Feature Film "The Hotel Room"

Casting Feature Film "The Hotel Room" - Jeffrey van Davis Productions 
[Independent Feature Film] 

Jeffrey van Davis Productions ("Only a God Can Save Us") is casting for the feature film entitled "The Hotel Room," about a lawyer who flees his wife's funeral and meets a Mexican-American prostitute in a hotel room where in a brutally honest confrontation: fighting, drinking, having sex. They confront their deepest fears and desires and in the process discover each other's humanity. 

At his beloved wife's funeral, just after she is lowered into the ground, Ed Taylor (59), a highly successful and powerful lawyer, escapes to a hotel in the city where he hides out from family and friends. At the hotel, Roberto, the front desk man, organizes a prostitute for Ed who, stunned by feelings of pain and loss, is in no condition to make a rational decision. Sex seems to be the only way to escape his painful existence. When Maria (29), a Mexican-American, shows up at his room, he gets more than he bargained for. Like Ed, Maria, is also suffering pain and loss which she reveals in an unbelievable pay-for-sex rendezvous with a stranger. What at first seems like a huge socio-economic gap between the two becomes moot when Ed meets his match in a woman with so much character, honesty, and integrity. They spend the day and night together, fighting, eating and drinking and making love. In a brutally honest encounter, they confront their deepest fears, desires, needs and in the process discover each other's humanity. 

Please note: This film has an R rating, and all submitting actors must be 21 or older. 


Maria Christina Hernandez - (Lead) Female, 25 to 32 (Hispanic). Maria Hernandez, Mexican-American, is highly self educated with a genius I.Q. - she reads copiously / devours books from Philosophy to Literature, from Psychology to Physics. With a card from the U. of A. library she has access to the whole world of learning. An abused wife, with a baby, hit by the financial crisis and economic depression, she struggles to make ends meet. Once her husband is killed she is totally on her own and turns a trick or two when her financial situation becomes desperate. In spite of all that she is a person of great integrity, honesty and has a strong sense of morality. She is quite aware of the damaging effects of a life of prostitution and is determined that this rendezvous with Ed Taylor will be her last. 

***Please Note: Side, back, and rear nudity is required. The scenes will be shot in such a way as to hint at the action. We intend for an R rating. "The Hotel Room" is a mix of "Pretty Woman" meets "Good Will Hunting" with a bit of "Last Tango in Paris" thrown in. 

Ed Taylor - (Lead) Male, 55 to 65 (Caucasian). A highly successful, powerful and wealthy lawyer. During his wife's funeral just as she has been lowered into the ground, he escapes to a hotel in the city to hide out and to lick his wounds. There he meets a Mexican-American prostitute who is more than he bargained for. She can hold her own against Ed's racism, arrogance and condescension. In spite of all appearances Ed has a core of decency and sensitivity which makes it possible for him begin to view Maria as more than just a prostitute. 

TUCSON Audition dates and times: Must submit by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, 2015 - By Appointment Only! 

For an Audition Appointment or more info, please email headshot, resume, demo and contact info to jeffery at: 
jazzmusiker@yahoo.com or docfilmmaker@wildblue.net 
Please list "
TUCSON CASTING - THE HOTEL ROOM + ROLE" in subject header. 


Shoot locations: 
Shoot schedule: early 2016 

Pay: Union & non-union, low-budget day rate, plus credit and meals
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