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Independent Film Arizona is seeking individuals interested in being Board Members or volunteers


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Independent Film Arizona is seeking individuals interested in being Board Members or volunteers to assist in the operation of IFA in 2016.


We are seeking an individual to take the lead in being responsible for each of the following projects:


Scheduling Meeting Speakers.  Scheduling between 3 to 5 speakers for each of the monthly meetings.  For example, the January Meeting will be Women in Film.  You would be responsible for locating 3 to 5  speakers who would be knowledgable and (hopefully) engaging when speaking about that subject.


Publicizing and Marketing IFA Meetings and Events.  Taking responsibility for both on-line and physical advertising of each monthly meeting and special events.  We advertise meetings once about 30 days before the event and then again immediately before the event.  We also post flyers at the local film schools and with select arts organizations.


Newsletter Drafting and Editing.  Drafting and editing a short, monthly electronic newsletter announcing both IFA events and other events in the acting and filmmaking community. Historically we have limited this newsletter to brief descriptions of ten events each month. 


Sponsor Recruiting and Development.  Asking local businesses to make a modest contribution (either cash or in kind) to IFA to become an IFA sponsor.  For example, a local theater could donate tickets or give members a discount to become a sponsor.


Member Recruiting.  A focused but gentle effort on encouraging actors and film makers who have been to a meeting to join IFA for a $25 tax deductible contribution.


Operations Management for Meetings and Events.  Managing the process of setting up monthly meetings (setting up and putting away signs, chairs, tables, and the sound system).


Drafting IFA Grant Proposals.  Drafting grant proposals for submission to groups such as the Pima County Arts Council and the Arizona Center for the Arts.


Developing Seminars and Special Events.  Working to organize 2 or 3 special events each year, such as high profile speakers or a seminar on a specific topic (e.g., documentary filmmaking).


It is difficult to estimate precisely how much time each position will take -- but none of these jobs should take more than 4 hours a week.  Additionally, if you take responsibility for a position or project, you certainly are encouraged to find other volunteers to help you (which makes it both easier and more enjoyable).


IFA will elect its Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) as well as  At Large Board Members at its December 5, 2015 Meeting (7 PM) Connect, 33 South 5th Avenue, Tucson.


If you are interested in being on IFA's Board of Directors or in volunteering for IFA or if you are interested in speaking at an IFA event, send an e-mail expressing your interest to


IFA is a 501-C-3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to supporting independent filmmaking in Southern Arizona.  You can join IFA or find out more about us at  



Chris Raboin

IFA Board



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