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Actor call for OPP's Play-In-A-Day


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9:00 A.M. Sharp, Saturday, November 21st

Unscrewed Theater, 3244 E. Speedway (rear entrance)

Actors of all ages, types, genders, and level of experience are needed for Old Pueblo Playwrights’ 12th Annual Play-In-A-Day Festival.

Play-In-A-Day is:

12 Playwrights paired into 6 sleep-deprived teams, tasked with writing 6 short 3-character plays overnight…

6 Directors tasked with rehearsing the plays through the day with a team of Actors cast just that morning, for public performance that very evening!

One superb Improv Group—Not Burned Out Just Unscrewed—as hosts…

Equals 24 hours of Dramatic Fun and Laughs!!


·         No auditions necessary; we’ll give you time to introduce yourself to our directors. (Resumes & headshots welcome, but not required)

·         No lines to learn: all Old Pueblo Playwrights shows are presented with script in-hand.

·         Great short term commitment—one day!

·         Nearly everyone who responds gets cast in a show.

·         Fun environment: great way to “stretch” yourself by creating a character on the fly.

Do YOU have what it takes to rehearse and perform a short play in just one day? Great! We’ll see you 9:00 Saturday morning, November 21st, at the rear entrance of Unscrewed Theater, 3244 E. Speedway (across from the Loft).

Have questions? Contact Festival Chair Dave Sewell at dndsewell@cox.net

By the way, we still have openings for Directors and Overnight Playwrights. Contact Dave if you’re interested!


Here’s more about PIAD:

On Friday night (11/20), we will gather at Unscrewed Theater for NBOJU’s regular show, which starts at 7:30 PM (only $5 admission!). During that performance, or just after, we will perform three solemn PIAD rituals: the selection of the 3 props and the one line of dialog (chosen by the audience) which must be used in each show, and the random pairing of the 12 playwrights into 6 teams. At the conclusion of the evening (about 9:00 PM), the playwrights will be sent home to write their play throughout the evening/wee hours. On Saturday (11/21), the playwrights will turn in their scripts by 6 AM, the scripts will be printed and copied for the directors who will arrive at 8 AM, actors will arrive at 9 AM to be cast, and the directors will rehearse the plays throughout the day at Unscrewed Theater. On Saturday afternoon, the shows will be “teched” (minimal), and on Saturday night at 7:30, the shows will go on (script in-hand)! A distinguished panel of judges will deliberate on the winners of the coveted Jack Frakes Prize while NBOJU performs a short set. At the conclusion of the evening the prizes will be awarded and everyone will pass around hugs and pats on the back for a great weekend of mirth and sleeplessness! Sound like fun? Contact DAVE at dndsewell@cox.net


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