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The Rogue Theatre: Join us for a Free Open Talk for MACBETH


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"What's done cannot be undone."
--Lady Macbeth 

Dear Rogues,  

I think I first read Macbeth as a freshman in high school. I've reread it many times since and seen more than a few productions of it.


As I write this, in the next room, the shouts and swords of the final battle of Macbeth are sounding in rehearsal. Yes, the play is bloody, full of witches and ghosts, but some of Shakespeare's most beautiful poetry also graces this play.

It seems there are great works of literature that can be heard every year of one's life. As we grow and change, they take on new meaning--lines that used to mean very little, now are full of import. 


As we've rehearsed, I've been amazed and enthralled by so many of Shakespeare's insights. I hope you find this to be true, too, dear Rogues, when you come to see Macbeth.


With best wishes, 

Cynthia Meier 





A Free Open Talk 

Free Will and Agency in




This Saturday, April 22

2:00-3:00 p.m.

Free, no reservation required


Director Matt Bowdren will talk about the moral culpability of Macbeth, and the Rogue actors will share a sneak preview of the play!

Sponsors for the Open Talk are Pat & John Danloe





April 27 - May 14, 2017



Buy tickets online at   

 or call 520-551-2053 


Production Sponsors: John & Joyce Ambruster    


For complete information on the production, click here.


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We emphasize

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CHALLENGING IDEAS by presenting plays which offer complex and provocative points of view
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