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Borderland Pictures: Auditions for feature film READING.



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Auditions for feature film READING.


Borderland Pictures is proud to announce it has probably chosen "The Wish Keeper" by local screenwriter Ruben Rosthenhausler as its first production. They will be conducting a reading of the feature film, which is slated to shoot October of 2018 in Southern Arizona. The production company, in an effort to tighten up the script before locking it, would like to hear it read out loud in front of an invited audience of other Producers/Directors/Production Companies in Tucson, before finalizing the shooting script.


Participation in reading will NOT guarantee you a role but will allow you a chance work closely with the creative staff.


Auditions are August 13, from 6 - 8 at the Arizona Rose Theatre,  4470 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705, in the Tucson Mall, first floor by Macy's.


Tentative Rehearsals: Monday, August 28 (6p - 9p),  Sunday, Sept 3, (11a - 1p), Sunday, Sept 10 (11a - 1p)


Reading Sept 11 at the Rose at 7:00 PM


Not everyone will be required to be at every rehearsal, and we will make adjustments for others schedules.


Do NOT audition if you can't make the date of the Sept 11 reading. If you can't make the auditions, feel free to email your photo to


The Wish Keeper Character Breakdown 


Jose – 60's to 70's, male, Latino, Hardworking kind soul.  For a living, he cleans fountains.  He builds a "Wish Fountain" in his backyard to care for the coins/"wishes" he has collected.  A stroke will leave him in a wheelchair as a paraplegic.  He cannot speak, but through a flashback, delivers a touching monologue on why he created the Wish Fountain.


Lupe – Female, 60's to 70's, Latina, Strong matriarch with great sense of humor.  Through her love, she strives to take care for her ailing husband and to somehow bring her sons to forgive each other.  Although he tries, she does not allow Ricardo to push her around.  She stands her ground on how to best take care of her husband.


Ricardo, "Ricky" – male, 40's, Latino, older brother.  Serious business type that owns a successful furniture store.  He thinks his father's wish fountain is a childish fantasy and a complete waste of time.  He does not speak to his younger brother.  He feels that Mikey is a self-destructive looser that has mooched off of him and his parents. 


Miguel, "Mikey"– male, 30's to 40's, younger brother.  He used to be a promising artist.  Now a part-time barber.  Looks run down from years of drinking, but has still maintained his sense of humor and his faith in his father's wish fountain.  A past incident put him in a dark hole and he has not been able to find his way out.  However, after his mother asks for his help to take care of his father and as he tries to make his father's "special wish" come true, he slowly starts to climb out. 


Linda – female, 30's to 40's, Latina, Ricky's wife.  Beautiful.  Strong sense of family.  She tries to help her husband, daughters and herself through the grief of Jose's stroke and hold strong to her belief of never stop dreaming.


Alicia – female, 10 – 12, Ricky and Linda's daughter.  Serious.  Like her father, does not believe in her Tata's wish fountain.

Marissa – female, 6 – 8, Ricky and Linda's daughter. Rambunctious. She is a dreamer and hopes her wish can help her Tata get better and help make her Tata's special wish come true.

Tia Becky – female, Latina, 50's – 60's, Lupe's sister, likes to joke around.  She is there to help her sister and to help her daughter pull off her dream wedding.

Yvonne – female, 20's to 30's Latina, Tia Beck's daughter. Bride to be.

Ramon – male, 30's, Latino, geeky, Yvonne's fiancée.

Aliberto – male, Latino, 30's to 50's, art dealer, very flamboyant.

Raul – male, 30's to 40's , Mickey's friend

Jesus – male, Latino, 30's to 40's, Mickey's friend. Funny.

Priscilla – female, 30's to 40's, Jesus' wife

Chito- male, young teen, Jesus' son

Lisa- female, 20's, young trailer mom.

Tony – male, 20's to 40's, cousin

Guero- male, 20's to 40's, cousin

Mercedes- female, 20's to 40's, cousin



Counter Girl – female, bitchy



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