Sunday, August 13, 2017

Old Pueblo Playwrights Next meeting: Monday night, open to all

Next week (8/21) California playwright Scott Charles will be our guest to talk about his experience in getting his play produced. I think we’re all interested in exploring the various ways our finished work debuts on the public stage (so to speak), including publishing, promoting the script, submitting the script for contests or to theatre companies interested in performing new work, etc. But you’ve got to write the script before you can produce it, and that’s the subject of this Monday’s (8/14) meeting:

"How do you get started?" 

You’ve got an idea for a play (at least, you think it might be a play: it might be better as a novel, or short story, or screenplay). So how do you get the thing on paper? Do you outline everything? Or do you sketch out the plot and character arcs? Or do you just start writing and let the play take you where it needs to go, trusting that you will clean it up later? Is there a right way (or wrong way) to approach your first draft? 

This will be a free-wheeling, casually moderated discussion. Please bring in any helpful hints you’ve used, or heard about. Got a quote from a published playwright (or writer in any genre, for that matter)? Bring it in. Do you have visual aids that may be of interest? Don’t be shy: bring ‘em with you. The helpful hint you bring in on Monday may just be the thing that helps a colleague break the ice.

See you on Monday! And don’t forget: Scott Charles on Monday, 8/21 (his play "Dinners with Augie" opens at the Cabaret on Thursday, 8/17: OPP members get a buy-one-get-one-free deal), and reading/discussion of Gretchen’s "Happy Trees" on Monday, 8/28.
Old Pueblo Playwrights

Next meeting: Monday night, 8/14, 7:00 p.m.
ATC Rehearsal Hall (upstairs, next to the Cabaret Theater)
at the Temple of Music and Art
330 S. Scott
Downtown Tucson



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