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Ballet Rincon presents: amusing comedy ballet, Coppelia!


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Coming Soon!! Selling Quickly!!

Ballet Rincon invites you to attend the amusing comedy ballet, Coppelia!

Based on the original story by E.T.A Hoffman (The Nutcracker and the Mouse King) with music by the brilliant composer, Leo Delibes, the story takes the audience on romp through intrigue, deceit, the secrets of a mysterious inventor, and romance!

As the day begins, Swanhilda, and her suitor Franz, arrive in the village square. They notice a girl sitting in the window of the house of Doctor Coppélius. Franz is infatuated by Coppelia's beauty. He turns to blow her a kiss, but Swanhilda catches him and instantly becomes angry. He leaves after they argue, and Swanhilda turns to and waves to the mysterious girl but cannot get her attention.

The mysterious and reclusive Doctor Coppelius laughs when he sees this, for this beautiful girl is actually a doll. He has created her to be his companion and dreams of bringing her to life.

Doctor Coppelius leaves his house to go to the local tavern, when he is met by some villagers who make fun of this foolish old man. Doctor Coppelius loses the key to his front door! Swanhilda's friends are still curious about the mysterious girl in Doctor Coppelius's window, and, as dusk sets in, they find the key and sneak into Doctor Coppelius's house. At the same time, Franz also enters Doctor's house; he climbs a ladder up to the window, and the mischief begins!

Join the cast of Ballet Rincon, guest artists Rick Wamer (Dr. Coppelius) and Ross Freeman (Franz) for this charming production of Coppelia at the Vail Theatre of the Arts (10701 Mary Ann Cleveland Way) on June 1st and 2nd at 7pm.

Also featured on Saturday, June 2nd, at 2pm is the Spring Showcase featuring tap, jazz, contemporary jazz, and contemporary ballet.

Online ticket sales begin April 23rd at

Tickets will also be sold at the theater box office starting one hour prior to each performance

Reserved Ticket Pricing: Orchestra $16.00 per adult, $14.00 for seniors and children

Mezzanine seating $12.00 per adult, $10.00 for seniors and children

For more information call Ballet Rincon at 574-2804
Studio Website:

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