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Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre presents the world premiere of Oaf


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Subject: He's Tall, Dark, and ... Hairy. 




The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre

An absurd comic masterpiece for all ages!

The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre is pleased to announce
the world premiere of Oaf, an original work of
physical theater for all ages 
by Matt Walley and Wolfe Bowart

Opens May 18th



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He's tall, dark and hairy.

An affable carnival sideshow performer discovers that sometimes life's obstacles are self-imposed ... and solutions to problems can appear in strange and humorous places.


A comic glimpse into the quirky world of the carnival sideshow alley.


Not intended for mature audiences. 



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About our Artists-in-Residence:

Matt Walley and Wolfe Bowart




Since last fall our Artists-in-Residence have been hard at work crafting the fantastical and detailed sideshow world of Oaf.

Imagine coming into work to hear the cry of the carnival barker, bangs, crashes, or perhaps the roars of a crowd and you get a sense of what it has been for our staff to work at  the S&S over the last few months. 


We're excited to share this absurd and profound world with you, and even more excited that Oaf premieres our first 'Show for Scamps' at the S&S.

Our mission is to build the next generation of theater audience, and we believe that the fine work of "Wolfe & Walley" will capture your imagination whether you are five or one-hundred and five. 




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A special opportunity to support Physical Theater in Tucson



At the S&S we are dedicated to engaging audiences that may lack opportunity to experience the impact of theater on our lives. We carefully select our content while fostering a community of artists who can create high-quality theater that immerses and connects with new audiences. 

To that end, we can use your help, as we can't do it through ticket sales alone. Our intimate space isn't large enough to support our quality of production while keeping ticket prices accessible. We rely on supporters like you to make our outreach to new audiences possible.

Resident artists Wolfe Bowart and Matt Walley, have crafted a work of phenomenal physical theater - a work that is both significant, profound AND for audiences of all ages.  We believe there should be more work like this done in Tucson regularly.

Please take this opportunity to support the production of Oaf, our efforts to provide a home in Tucson for physical theater, or gift a ticket to a child, adult or family who otherwise may not be able to attend the production. 


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