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Tucson: Casting Call, 48hour film challenge - additional info


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Hey, Phil here writing back about the 48hour film challenge next month.  I got a lot of replies so I hope you all don't mind that I'm sending one identical email to all of you.
I've found out a little bit of info about how the competition works so I thought I'd share:  On February 15th I'll be given a couple of items that must be included in my film (a line of dialog, a prop, and a 'theme').  Because of this, I can't really come up with a solid concept for the film beforehand.  I could, but it wouldn't be as fun.  So, on Friday the 15th of February I will be given this criteria and I will then write the 7 minute film overnight.  The following morning, Saturday the 16th of February we will begin shooting.  It's possible that we may be doing a film that takes place at night, but it's most likely that we'll do something that takes place during the day or inside a building to take advantage of the sun's glorious light.
Some of you were kind enough to send pictures, and to those of you that didn't I would really appreciate it if you could send something since there won't be any kind of formal audition.  While I would love to hold a formal audition there just isn't time for me to put one together.  I trust that anyone willing to get in front of the camera for something like this is the kind of person that I can get a good performance out of...  beating the stagefreight is half the battle.
So, if you're free on the 16th of February and are ok with the mysterious nature of the pre-production of the project then I would love to hear back from you.
thank you again for getting in touch with me, and I hop to hear back soon,
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