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Tucson: Theatrical Mime Theatre-This Weekend


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Announcing Theatrical Mime Theatre's next production—
Rick Wamer's solo show:

Geometries: Performing art Experiments by a not so Mathematical Genius

When: Friday and Saturday, January 26 & 27 at 7:30 pm
Where: ZUZI Theatre, 738 N. 5th Avenue in the Historic Y
Cost: $12.00 in advance, $15 at the door
Tickets available at Antigone Books
Call for advanced reservations: 990-7425

Hope to see you there!!

“Geometries” is a fast paced performance mingling theatrical mime and monologue that has delighted audiences throughout North America.

Through a variety of zany characters, each one dealing with a world of stress in his own way, “Geometries” takes us for a ride on the roller coaster of life. The acclaimed solo production reveals Rick Wamer’s off beat sense of humor through the incarnation of an over-sexed mathematician trying to come to terms with his quest for perfection, the physical grace of a marionette as an aging puppeteer struggles to be the very object of his art and the quiet beauty of fire imaging life’s passion in a classically drawn physical poem.

Through these and other humorous and at times tragic characters, Rick Wamer’s “Geometries” celebrates the joy in living while revealing some of the challenges encountered along the way. In the explosive finale, “Geometries” attempts to give an answer to the elusive question of how to live as joyful beings while enduring the pressures of life’s stress.

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