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Tucson: Film "Last Chance Grill" Audition In Tucson, This Sunday Oct. 21



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Subject: [Tucson Actors Forum] 'America's Next Hot Movie Star' Audition In Tucson, This Sunday Oct. 21


Audition: Sunday, October 21st, 2007 - Noon to 6pm
The Hotel Arizona
81 W Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85701
Appt. Only. - Please email or call for appt. 480.659.2725
Prepare thirty second monologue. Cold read available, as well.

Please review our website at

Last Chance Grill. The story of an abused woman, who stops at nothing
to protect her granddaughter. And, inadvertently, unearths an evil ...
so monstrous and wicked, it will leave you chilled to the bone.

The six roles up for grabs, in our competition are:

Emma Miller - age range 60-ish. Salt of the earth and a heart of gold,
despite being 'married-off' as a child-bride to Enos Miller. Survived
48 years married to the hellish beast. (lead)

Elizabeth Miller - age range 22-30. Emma Miller's grand-daughter.
Attractive. Smart. Seductive. Dangerous. (lead)

Anson Hargrave - age range 24 - 35. Newly assigned Deputy Sheriff.
Rugged good looks. Has a penchant 'n facility for haiku. Falls
helplessly in love with Elizabeth. (lead)

Enos Miller - age 60-ish. Don't let his age fool you. He is one mean,
ornery, son-of-a-bitch. He takes without asking and just as soon fight
you, as look at you. (feature)

Lucky Anderson - age range 16-20. Pretty, in a tomboy-ish kinda way.
She found a silver-dollar on the road, when she was seven; her daddy
called her "Lucky" ever since. Idolizes Elizabeth. (feature)

Seth Lawson - age range 16-20. A boy from town. Not the sharpest knife
in the shed. Mostly follows whereever Lucky goes. Helps out around
Emma's farm.

Never before has a film had such a unique beginning. We are searching,
nationwide, for the stars of our movie through an online-audition
competition... America's Next Hot Movie Star.

Six champions will be selected by the voters and our judges; and, will
earn the starring and featured roles in the independent film, Last
Chance Grill. Assorted other parts, all ages and types, will be cast
from runners-up.

From the thousands of entries our viewers will make up the voting
community and will select the TOP 100. From the TOP 100 contestants,
the FINAL 24 will be chosen and will battle it out, through the
audition process, in a reality show format, broadcast online, at

There are two ways to audition for the competition.

1) Live auditions will be held in selected cities, beginning in
October 2007.

2) A contestant may enter the competition online by clicking the
'Become A Contestant' link. All that's needed to enter through the
website is a headshot and short audition video.

Simple, eh? Let the competition begin.

Best of luck! And, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your group.

G. Rockett Phillips


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