Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tucson: Casting call for movie trailer



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Subject: Audition for a book trailer



We are looking for the following types for a brief movie trailer based on the works of a local author.  These are the physical types we are looking at to fill these roles:


Larry Ross Tucson Lawyer: 35, handsome, athletic build

Tom: late 20’s, small, timid looking

Jim Weber: anyone big or small age 40 or over

Alan Gimble:  Mid 30’s, thin, balding: weasel face:

The Newmans: A White/Hispanic married couple in their 30;s  to 40's

Mitch Branch:  Mid to late 60's; trim, John Laroquette type.  Authoritative looking.  Seasoned but not used up.

Julio and Oscar:  Hispanic gangsters in their 20's to early 30's.

Mark Jamison: Older Professor Type Balding reading glasses tweed coat

Maria Mendoza 50ish Hispanic woman wasted drunk

Cops:  lots of buff guys in black riot gear with guns

Judge: anyone, any gender 50 or older, any body style.


Extras:  size, shape gender, age and ethnicity.


Please contact Nathan Ginn @, and if possible email a headshot or resume.

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