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Tucson: "An Evening for George Tabori" at Temple of Music and Art



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The University of Arizona Department of German Studies, with friendly support from Arizona Theatre Company, invite you to an



Evening for George Tabori

Writer. Jew. Spy. Director. Foreigner.


The Hungarian-born playwright, theatre director, novelist, and translator George TAbori, was a legend in Germany's postwar theatre world. His avant-garde works confronted anti Semitism. He died in July 2007.


Monday, 11th of February, 7.30 PM, Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Avenue


Director: Kevin Black

Producer: Petra Boehm


Cynthia Jeffrey

Doug Mitchell*

David Morden*

Edwin Van Woert



Excerpts from:

Mein Kampf (1987)

The young Adolf Hitler has come to Vienna to study art. In a shelter for poor men he meets a Jew who becomes his friend and advisor.

My Mother’s Courage (1979)

Based on the true story about how George Tabori’s mother escaped the Nazis.

Goldberg Variations (1991)

A god-like director tries to present the biblical story of the creation of the world on stage â€" in only seven days.


 “ ‘Let’s try this and then let’s try that’ was one of Brecht’s favorite principles. The theatre, for him, was neither a temple for dogma nor a market for finished products but a laboratory where one might find a problem for every solution. He had a point there. In this age of mechanized mediocrity, it is useful to reaffirm the uniqueness of the­atre: It is less finished and therefore more lifelike than the other arts. The only perfect thing in nature is possibly a crystal, i.e., a magnificent corpse.”

 â€" George Tabori in the foreword to ‘Brecht on Brecht’


* Member of the Actor’s Union

Proceeds benefit the Department of German Studies


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