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Tucson: Actors needed for Friday night shoot (MTV contest)

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Subject: Actors needed for Friday night shoot (MTV contest)

I'm working on a short film for MTV's "movie spoof" contest. I'll be
shooting on Friday night and need the following characters. No pay,
but copy, credit, and meals will be provided.

Roles needed:

"Superbad cops" - need to resemble the cops from Superbad, to a degree
at least. Seth Rogen's cop is chubby, curly hair, handlebar mustache.
Bill Hader's cop is lanky with a Clark Kent-like haircut.

"Will Smith" - persona from I Am Legend. Black male, short hair, in shape.

"Juno" - 16-20 female with dark hair and a knack for sounding like Daria.

"Beowulf" - 30+ male, muscular build. Comfortable with implied nudity
for comedic purposes.

"McLovin" - 16-20 male, thin frame, short dark hair.

I apologize for the short notice, and I appreciate anybody that's
willing to help out. Send me a pic and a little info about yourself.
If you've got something on Youtube that would be great, too.



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