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Tucson: another tip from Sharon...

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April 24th Acting Tip
(From the Book: 101 Tips for Actors)


Tip # 11. Face Time

When I was in college, I had a good friend who had one very specific goal
during his four years at the university: to become very well known on
campus. With that in mind, he chose the activities he was going to be
involved in according to his personal motto, "Face Time."

One of the greatest ways to get seen in Hollywood is by registering with the
Players Directory (

The directory comes out twice a year, is sent to all of the agencies in
town, and is a great way to get seen by both agents and casting directors.
The only listing requirement is that you must be a paid member of at least
one union (the easiest union to join these days is AFTRA).

The fees to register are reasonable and are determined by the number of
categories and/or photos you submit. There is a place to list representation
information, but if you don't have an agent, you can just list a contact

Hollywood is a very small town and it's time for you to start getting seen
by everyone who is in a position to give you a job. Therefore, do yourself a
favor and start getting a little "Face Time" of your own by registering with
the Players Directory.

. Your goal is to get your name and your face in front of as many people as
you can: so make sure that you register with the Players Directory
(, as soon as possible!

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