Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tucson: Job opening - Director, UofA School of Media Arts

The University of Arizona College of Fine Arts seeks a dynamic, experienced and visionary Director to lead the School of Media Arts, starting July 1, 2008.

After 30 years of status as a department, the newly established School of Media Arts with 350 majors is embarking on the next stage of its development and the successful candidate will lead efforts to achieve its goals, including: developing terminal graduate degree programs (MFA and/or PhD); expanding liaisons with the film and television industry; and securing support and funding from local, regional, and national groups and individuals invested in creative expression in the media arts.  


* Serve as the chief academic, administrative and fiscal officer of the School of Media Arts and represent the School on the College of Fine Arts' team-based Strategic Planning Task Force and Executive Committee.
* Provide leadership for the School's current and future plans for expansion and curricular development.
* Support and balance the needs of the School's divisions and programs.
* Serve as the primary advocate for the School in academia and the film and television industry.
* Establish and implement a development plan to draw upon the resources of alumni, philanthropic, community and industry-based groups.
* Guide collaborative projects of the Hanson Film Institute.
* Teach and maintain research.  


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