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Press Release Sunday, June 1, 2008

O-T-O Dance

More Information: Call O-T-O Dance at 624-3799 or e-mail



Looking for something to celebrate the summer solstice….well why not join O-T-O Dance for it’s early summer concert? This intriguing evening will feature a cast of over 20 wonderful dancers gracing the stage with agility, strength and grace performing works on the ground and in the air. Also presented will be movement based films by three independent film makers. This is a concert that is sure to satisfy the eye, lift the spirits and take you on an enjoyable ride! Premiere choreographies by Annie Bunker Aja Knaub and Kailey Johnson. Films by artists: Chuck Koesters Jodi Kaplan of NYC and Laura Lee Coles-Moster of Vancouver, BC.


When:        Friday, June 20, 2008 8 PM

                  Saturday, June 21, 2008 8 PM        


Where:       The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre on the UA campus

                  For maps and directions, check the Orts web site,


Tickets:      Advance: $12.00 for adults / $10.00 for students and seniors

                  At the door: $15.00 for adults / $12.00 for students and seniors


Availability: Antigone Books, 411 N 4th Avenue 792 3715,


You can contact O-T-O Dance and reserve tickets directly by calling

624-3799, or e-mailing us


Performance Description:
Breathing Underwater”, is an aerial quartet created by dancer Aja Knaub and performed by Sukie Keita, Kiona Brown, Olive Davis and Aja Knaub. The dance connects to underwater and the difficulties there in breathing as they relate to the difficulties we go through in life which at times are not easy but with a little bit of work we can flow and ebb in a graceful and joyful way. It is set to a videoscape by Chuck Koesters  and music by Anoushka Shankar, Air, Portishead and The Cure.

Kailey Johnson, a former O-T-O Dance company member, will present her comedic solo, “Why Don’t We? set to the Beatles song of almost the same name. This humorous work is based on feelings triggered by sexual frustration. It was originally performed in November of 2007 at the Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn, NY where she has been living, training, choreographing and dancing with Heidi Latsky and Lori Belilove for the past few years.

From Vancouver, BC Multidisciplinary artist Laura Lee Coles-Moster will present her film “Crow’s Song” set to music composed by her group Paradigm Shift. This work represents Laura Lee’s interest in images of every day subjects, and attempts to portray them outside common perception with a “blurred” approach. She terms this body of work to be in a genre called “indust-reality.”

O-T-O Dance, Artistic Director Annie Bunker will present three works. The first of two modern works, "IMPEDIMENTO” premiered in March 2008 at UT Dallas and is set to a trio of sonatas by Felix Mendelssohn. Imagine a box of fine red bowed chocolate truffles come to life! Performing this fun filled fanciful work will be Kailey Johnson, Sukie Keita, Jennifer Dennison, Briana Commins, Kiona Brown, Julia Miller, Aja Knaub and Staci Alexander.

Her second modern work is a trio entitled, "UNFOLDING", and is set to music and videoscape  created by Chuck Koesters. It is a continued study of movement based on bats; their “nesting”, “colonization” and “flight” characteristics with singular individuality contrasted with folding and un-folding within a cluster. Performing will be Julia Miller, Jennifer Dennison and Annie Bunker.

Bunker’s newest aerial group work is entitled "CRY SALAM” set to music by Hanz Zimmer is a prayer for peace and call for an end to war. This work will integrate company dancers with aerial students, ages 11 and up, from O-T-O Dance’s Summer Workshop Performance Class

Producer/Director, Jodi Kaplan presents her newest cut of “In The Blood, a movement film which features the theatrical platform of the boxing ring and the intense movement of fighting. Kaplan brings a choreographic sensibility to this experimental short that explores the “dance” of boxing. “In The Blood” exposes the brute physicality of a sport that pushes its participants to their utmost limits, to the edges of physical force – one that, through its severity, captures the inexplicable will to live.

Tucson favorite, Film-maker/Composer Chuck Koesters will show his film inspired by the work of  performance artist, Rachel Rosenthal featuring the artists voice as part of the sound score.

Our performances are audience friendly; all the works are suitable for humans of all ages.  The doors open one half hour before the start of the show.


For maps and directions and other information, check the O-T-O Dance web site,


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