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Tucson: REPOST: Casting Call, Feature Film in Phoenix, WW2 Subject Matter

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Subject: [IFASA] Casting Call, Feature Film in Phoenix, WW2 Subject Matter


To submit your headshot and resume and for more info, visit


THE GLASS HOUSE - Liberty Studios Inc., Phoenix Metro.

Non-Union. Feature Film. Starts: 6/25/08 (8/01/08)

Director: Mark Schmidt. This project is set in Hungary in 1944 & 1945. The title refers to the Swiss Legation in Budapest, a former glass factory, where a small colony of Jews hid from the Nazis and tried to rescue other Jews from the Final Solution, the Holocaust.



* Male / 25-30 yrs / White

[ELEK COHEN] 24 years old, Elek is Jewish, caught in Hungary in 1944 when the Nazis invade. Scheduled for termination along with all of Hungary's Jews, Elek initially merely fights to survive, wildly fleeing the determined killing machine established by Adolf Eichmann. Able to take refuge in the Swiss Legation, known as the Glass House, Elek risks his life repeatedly to bring other imperiled Jews to safety, and eventually uses the most dangerous method of all; saving lives by impersonating an SS officer...LEAD (1)


* Male / 18-24 yrs / White

[FERENC JACOBSON] 24 years old, also Jewish, Ferenc is Elek's best friend in Hungary, and he too sees his world destroyed when the Nazis invade Hungary. Sent to a labor camp along with Elek, Ferenc escapes along with his friend, and is in a state of perpetual fear, desperate to evade re-capture. He takes refuge along with Elek in The Glass House, and with a stable base of operations, begins to help other Jews to freedom in Switzerland...LEAD (1)


* Male / 61+ yrs / White

[JOZSEF JUHASZ] In his 60s, Jozsef is another Hungarian Jew, the owner of a radio repair shop and the employer of Elek and Ferenc. When the Nazis invade, he gives them money and sends them home to hide, and later is reunited with them. A good man, Joszef lives in the Jewish ghetto and lives in an apartment with 60 other Jewish refugees. Afraid that the Nazis might scoop them all up at any minute, he too takes refuge in The Glass House...LEAD (1)


* Female / 18-24 yrs / White

[MAIROV SCHOEN] In her early 20s, with dark hair, Mairov is a Hungarian Jew, living in Budapest with her family. The niece of Miklos Schoen, the unofficial leader of the Jewish refugees, she is rescued from rape at the hands of the SS by Elek, and afterwards they become engaged...LEAD (2)


* Male / 41-50 yrs / White

[MIKLOS SCHOEN] in his 40s, Mairov's uncle, Miklos is in charge of the secret printing press at the Glass House, and he's the unofficial leader of the Jewish refugees, expert at making false papers. Intent on saving lives with diplomacy instead of guns, Miklos grows increasingly worried as Elek opts to take a more dangerous, confrontational path in dealing with the Nazi menace...LEAD (32)


* Female / 41-50 yrs / White

[MRS. SCHOEN] A gentle woman in her 40's-50's, Mairov's mother, she is another of the Jewish refugees. She is shot to death by a drunken SS man.


* Male / 51-60 yrs / White

[RABBI ELI COHEN] In his 50s, Elek's father, he is the spiritual leader of his small Hungarian village, and he counsels patience in dealing with the Nazis. A hopeful man who believes the fascists will also pass away, he's delighted when Elek returns home. But he later is scooped up by the Nazis and sent to a death camp, along with the rest of his family.


* Male / 31-40 yrs / White

[SORENZI] This sadistic brute is a guard in a labor camp for Jews. He winds up shot to death by Jacov.


* Male / 25-30 yrs / White

[LIEUTENANT KRIEGER] In his late 20s, tall, blond and imposing, Krieger is one of the Nazi SS members assigned to Hungary. Intent on following out Eichmann's orders, Krieger is initially fooled by Elek's impersonation of a Nazi Captain. But later, when he finds a pocket of Jews hiding in a Catholic convent, he's intent on driving the refugees into the river, but winds up at the bottom himself, killed by Elek...LEAD (14)


* Male / 31-40 yrs / White

[MAJOR DIETER WISLICENY] This SS Major is another member of Eichmann's staff, a practical man who talks about the nuts and bolts of rounding up and destroying 150,000 remaining Jews.


* Male / 41-50 yrs / White

[MR. BALACZ] In his late 40's to eairly 50's, this Gentile man in Elek's village is a Jewish sympathizer who tries to convince Rabbi Cohen to flee the country with his flock. He later tries to help Elek and Ferenc to escape the oncoming Nazis.


* Male / 41-50 yrs / White

[CHARLES LUTZ] The Swiss Consul, he has authorized the use of the Swiss Legation in Budapest as a hideout for Jewish refugees, and agrees to help get as many Jews as possible out of Hungary and into Switzerland.



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