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Tucson: The Unlikely Theater Company Announces its 2008-09 Season



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The Unlikely Theater Company Announces its 2008-09 Season

Hop the Fence


A Season of new plays, ideas and shenanigans


And Then She Left Me by Alice Trumbo (November 2008)

John's girlfriend has left him and his only recourse is to engage his friend Cameron, a documentary filmmaker, to find out why.  This production is part of a feature length film of the same name shooting simultaneously.


John: You can find out. You've done this thing. You're suppose to be able to do this thing.

Cameron: Should I shoot you now, drunk and sloppy and sick? I mean, maybe that's it, right? Maybe we can say this is why she left you?

John: Shoot it all.


Last Days of Blue Desire, a play with music by Michael Lia (January 2009)

Seven people with very different lives imagine their last day on earth.


Hope by Jem Street (September 2008)

The party wants Joe Chandler to run for Congress, but in one night in a hotel by the Tennessee River, he must come to terms with an imperfect past and an imperfect future.


Joe:  How good does a man have to be to be a politician?

Hubbard:  He doesn't have to be perfect, Joe, just real quiet about being imperfect. People don't need to know you're like everyone else.  


Love and Money by Paulo Stoltezza (March 2009)

In Italy, you can't go to jail if you have AIDS. And this is how the bank robbing gang started. Paulo Stoltezza's 's farce takes on all things religious, political, sexual and fashionable.






Tucson Workshop Series

The workshop series presents new plays by Tucson playwrights in development.

Harry Clark's  Pluto Deja Vu  

Brandon Lee Pitman's The Philosopher's Cafe Infinite

John Vornholt's The First Third.


With RES Productions

Eight Reindeer Monologues by Jeff Goode, Christmas 2008

The Pillowman. By Martin McDonough, May 2009 at Beowulf Alley

Production space currently being negotiated with Invisible theater, Beowulf Alley, Zuzi's and The Cabaret at the Temple of Music & Art.  The select productions will be moved to the following venues in 2009. 


Terra Incognita Season

The Edge Mar in Los Angeles, California

The King's Head Theatre in London.

The 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh Scotland



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