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Casting Call for short film "The Ghosts of Light"


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Seeking Two Actors and One Actress for short film.

Award winning seasoned filmmakers who have also worked in the film and television industry seek two actors and one actress for a dramatic short to be shot in Tucson. This is a one day shoot with one main location. There will be a couple of rehearsals pre-production and may be some post ADR.

"The Ghosts of Light" is a short film drama about two astronomers who find the coordinates to a passageway to another place in time, with an obscure yet thought provoking ending.

Roy: Astronomer. Serious, low key. Can play late 30s to late 50s. Race open. A goatee would be helpful to the story. Roy has just returned from an unimaginable and unplanned journey. He probably looked a bit more conservative before our story begins, but when we see him he now looks a little scary and possibly menacing, like as if Frank Zappa was a brilliant astronomer.

Tim: Astronomer. More upbeat than Roy, positive demeanor. Tim is like the everyman smart TA/Professor type, maybe with glasses... slightly nerdy, but modern hip cool as well. Tim could be like a Steve Jobs looking guy, smart, no nonsense, not the most overly charismatic type. Can play early 30s to late 40s. Race open.

Angela: A science background, but not an astronomer. She is matter-of-fact but more pretty than homely. Can play late 20s to early 40s. Race open.

Nothing is set in stone, so please if you're going to submit a headshot or recent photo don't send yourself made up like our descriptions. This is a ten minute short heavy on dialog for Tim and Roy. You will obviously be fed, transported to the location as it is just out of town, and treated with respect. You will receive a copy of the completed project with scenes that will hopefully be good for your reel. This is a non-union no/low budget shoot, however some compensation for talent only could be possible. If the film is executed well we will enter it in film festivals. You will be expected to be fully off book and be able to do a couple of rehearsals before shooting day.

We look forward to a submission via email to or Please send a headshot or recent photo and any information about yourself in the body of your email. NO ATTACHMENTS please. We will probably only respond to submissions that may be right for the parts. However, we are working on future projects, so feel free to submit regardless. We will answer any questions we can to help you feel more at ease with this process. As you should on any blind audition, we strongly encourage you to bring a friend or family member should you be asked to audition.

Tentative one day shooting date is December 1, or 8, or 15.

Compensation is negotiable.

Thanks so much for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.



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