Monday, June 16, 2014

Auditions: RavenHearse, Murder Mystery Shacktail Parties

Come Over to the Dark side Murder Mystery Shocktale Parties }: - ) (north tucson)



Well HELL_OOOO The RavenHearse Family is looking to dig up a few more unique family members. Who said you cant choose your family.

We are holding auditions Sunday, June 22nd, 12:00 noon to 5:00pm at The RavenHearse Manor.

Please check out our web sight to see who and what we are. also you can look me up on facebook, profile name. Greivsley RavenHearse..

Why are we looking to add to our family you might ask well lots of reasons but main one is we are launching a monthly Murder Mystery Shacktail Party project the 1st ones scheduled for this August and will fallow each month with 2 to 4 parties. This is an event we promise Tucson have never seen and will die of all the fun.

Anyone interested in auditioning you must contact me to be added to the audition list, come dressed in full make up, costume or attire with a monologue or story of who you are and why you feel you are a good fit for our unique demented family.  520-370-5472,

So wrapping it up if you think you are crazy enough and unique enough then join us.



Unique & Fun Haunted Productions
We are a family-based business in Tucson Arizona. We believe in, and practice, good old-fashioned traditional values and work ethics. We provide a service of the highest quality in everything we do, paying attention to every detail to insure our customers have a most memorable and enjoyable experience. Every service and product we offer is tailored to our customers' needs. We are a unique company and there is nothing generic about us, or anything we offer our customers.

We have over 30 years experience Haunting Houses for a variety of different parties and charity events. In addition we have over fifteen years experience in Stage Theatre, Performance Arts, Stage Production, Costume, Make-up, Set Design, and Construction. Every member of our Family and Cast are Artists and Perfectionists who love doing what we do to the fullest.



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