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CASTING CALL: Actors/Actresses needed for student short films! (Art Institute of Tucson)


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I'm with the Art Institute of Tucson. We're having a casting call this Saturday to look for some actors for upcoming senior projects.

CASTING CALL: Actors/Actresses needed for student short films! (Art Institute of Tucson)

5099 E Grant Rd


Student at the Art Institute of Tucson are looking for actors/actresses for roles in several short films. The three short films involve a Super villain, a martial arts, and a Day of the Dead theme.

The characters needed are as followed:

"Dr. Zero"- After several unsuccessful attempts to get a new job, Matt White concocts an alter-ego as super villain, Dr. Zero. He plans to take the criminal world by storm but has to build his criminal operation from scratch. He enlists the help of several friends of his: A web blogger, a comic nerd, and a convicted criminal in order to try an achieve these goals.

- Phil-"The Web Blogger". He becomes roped in by Matt to be a henchmen of Dr. Zero. He is doing what he can to dissuade Matt from going down this dangerous, and more importantly ridiculous, career choice.


-Travis-"The Comic Nerd". He's excited to have the "opportunity of a lifetime" when Matt asks him for input based on his comic book expertise. He provides Matt with his costume and "weapon".


-"Cashier"- Someone who Matt and the gang are attempting to rob in a convenient store. They mistakenly think they are potentially on a reality TV show.


-Mugger 1


-Mugger 2


-"Joe"- A potential martial arts expert who has been working on a new self-defense art that he thinks is more useful than any other. He's arrogant and overconfident in his abilities, and even if he's right in his approach to the arts, no one cares because of his off-putting demeanor. He takes an interest in Susan and hopes that she will be the one to hear him out.


-"Darwin"- A petty thief and a rather unknown martial artist who lost in the tournament Susan won. He knows about the reward money that Susan has won and ultimately he is trying to find the opportune moment to steal Susan's purse in an attempt to grab quick cash.


-Dojo Student- Seven to ten extras are needed for extras!


Other Extras will be needed!


Anyone interested can come to the Art Institute of Tucson located at the corner of Rosemont and Grant. You can check in inside the Admission's office and let them know that you have arrived for the casting call.



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