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June 16, 2014
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The Tucson Improv Movement (TIM) is excited to announce that they are
moving to historic 4th Avenue where they will be opening their very
own theater. They signed a lease at 329 East. 7th Street where they
will continue to develop an improvisational comedy theater and
training school, which they have been running for a wonderful year and
a half out of the Red Barn theater. The 1,600 square foot warehouse
space next to D&D Pinball will better accommodate their needs and the
needs of their patrons, providing a nicer facility and a more central
location. TIM is excited to expand with even more weekly, varied
shows, and are honored to continue to contribute to the growing comedy
scene in Tucson. The space will be open to the public this September.

Tucson Improv Movement is the Old Pueblo's newest Improv comedy
organization. Founded in October 2012, the idea came to Justin
Lukasewicz shortly after moving back to Tucson. "For the size of
Tucson, I did not see a lot of improv comedy happening. It became my
daily goal to find ways to create a vibrant comedy community in town!"
Through this TIM was created to provide a venue for people to learn,
perform, and enjoy the art of improvisation. Built through the hard
work of a dedicated collection of comedians, TIM has grown into a
diverse group of thirty performing improvisers. "It's the silliest
type of environment, but its actually the least judgmental," stated
Ben Dietzel a performing company member. TIM produces hilarious long
form improv comedy based on the same
philosophy as the great comedy venues in Los Angeles, Chicago and New
York City. Catch the comedy of the big city, right here in the Old

The Tucson Improv Movement's comedy school allows anyone to easily
learn improv with no prior experience. The comedy school features five
levels of improv training, with the ultimate goal of perfecting the
harold, the most famous long form improv format created by Del Close
in the 1960's. Harvey Gardner a recent student said, "Thanks for your
great gift to us all, clear pointers to how we may confidently,
enthusiastically, innovatively and cooperatively improvise the rest of
our lives." TIM teaches a fast-paced, smart comedy style that pushes
directly on the funny in a scene.

The Tucson Improv Movement currently performs weekly at the Red Barn
Theater on Saturday afternoon at 5 PM. Tickets are $5 at the door, and
$3 for students and military. More information about all of their
comedy offerings: classes, shows, booking, and special events, is
available at, as well as their Facebook and Twitter.

Tucson Improv Movement is currently crowdfunding necessary renovations
for their new space through Kickstarter. Renovations include lights,
sound equipment, chairs, soundproofing, and everything else that goes
into making a modern theater space, all to be completed in time for
their grand opening the weekend of September 13th. For more
information and to donate please visit (case
sensitive). TIM hopes to create a new comedy hub in the center of
downtown Tucson, a place where everyone can come together to laugh,
learn the comedy arts, and perform. On the new space, instructor
and performer Cory Jenks was proud to say "We have created a fun and positive
environment for people to come learn, practice, and watch improvised
comedy in a short time in a less than ideal space, and I can only
imagine the amazing things we will do once we get to the space we are
moving into!"

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