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ACTING FOR THE CAMERA, A Five week course at Access Tucson


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A Five week course at Access Tucson

Mondays 6-9 pm Nov 3-Dec 1, 2014



DVD Copy of Work

This course will teach you how to make the camera your friend and ally. You will understand the language of film and TV and precisely your role in that language. You and the camera are telling stories. You are linked by this invisible thread.  You will know what the story and the director demand. But you will feel comfortable in the sacred space in front of the lens. You and the camera must develop a symbiotic relationship. Alone, neither can have meaning. But together….both can generate infinite meanings.

This workshop will be conducted by director/writer Rob Walker who brings the experience of over 100 productions in the theater and a 15 year career directing and producing television, principally for BBC TV. He won a BAFTA award for best Miniseries and also a Best Series Award from the Royal Television Society for four films called Blind Justice.



"It's what I learn from the great actors that I work with. Stillness. That's all and that's the hardest thing."
 - Morgan Freeman

Everybody can act. Every little kid can act. Your kitten can pretend there is a big bad mouse out there to be stalked….

No. Acting is incredibly difficult and complex. It requires truth, imagination, originality and hard work. Acting for the camera is a special, peculiar and demanding skill. The moving picture machine is only 120 years old. Yet it has made a new art of story-telling which is the most popular art form available to us today: movies.


We will understand film language. We will tackle texts and record them on digital cameras. We will move up to scenes drawn from famous films, from literature and from contemporary plays. The challenge will grow increasingly demanding.

You will come away with a new understanding of acting for the camera. You will develop a new weapon in your armory. You will bring to film and TV a deeper understanding of the art of story-telling on film.

The work of the workshop will be recorded and made available to you at home. You can then review your progress and learn and relearn what you have achieved.

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