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October News from ZUZI! Dance Company, School, & Theater

ZUZI! Dance Company, School & Theater

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About Us

ZUZI! is a non-profit community arts organization committed to forging connection, meaning and renewal through contemporary dance and movement-based art forms by fostering the creative explorations of students, artists and audiences of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. ZUZI! is a home to our professional dance company, our school for dance and movement arts, and our theater is a hub for community instructors and performances. ZUZI! is dedicated to affirming diversity and collaboration through educational programming, community participation, and local and national outreach and exchange.



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ZUZI! Dance Company, School & Theater

October 2014



Happy October! This seems to be most people's favorite month. The weather starts to cool off, the nights seem a little more mysterious, and lots and lots of events start happening. 


Here at ZUZI! things are going a mile a minute. Our regular classes are in full swing, a whole bunch of specialized workshops are beginning, and we've added new members to ZUZI! family. We have a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)--June Rettig--a new Marketing Director--Paul Galbraith (that's me! Hi!)--new teachers, and fantastic additions to our Dance, Apprentice, and Youth Companies. Plus there are several exciting collaborations, performances, and visitors in our theater this month. It's almost too much to handle! 


Check out the details for all of this October madness below. And please consider donating to ZUZI! by clicking the green "Donate Now" button on the left. As always we invite you to Come In. Be Moved.


ZUZI! Dance Company, School & Theater


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Special Workshops

This fall, we're offering some additional workshops in special areas of somatic education, including Improvisation, Skinner Releasing, and Dance Composition.


Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT)

No experience is necessary to enjoy this innovative approach to creativity and the healing arts which promotes postural alignment, movement efficiency, and tension reduction. Releasing weaves poetic imagery, music & tactile exercises to integrate the whole self and tap into the creative process for each individual. SRT is for anyone who wants to move in a new and enlivening way, find beauty in self discovery, or remove creative blocks, as well as dance choreographers and improvisers. $100 per 6-week session.

  • Introductory Course runs Tuesdays October 14 - November 18 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Improvisation Workshop

This class will introduce students to some basic forms, structures, and approaches to dance improvisation. Working with concepts from both Contact Improv and Compositional Improvisation, students will work to attune their attention to and awareness of their own bodies and movements, the other dancers in the space, and the composition of the dance as a whole. Through fun improv games and exploratory structures, students will develop techniques to help them create their own dances from scratch, developing material for choreography as well as for creating fully improvised dance pieces. We'll explore both solo improvisation methods, as well as ways to work together in duets and groups, building skills of sensitivity and kinesthetic communication, and having tons of fun in the process! $50 for 4-week session.

  • Improvisation Workshop runs Fridays October 10 - November 14 from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM



Dance Composition

This 6-week workshop will explore the principles of dance composition and the dance-making process through improvisational structures leading into choreography of solos and trio dances. $80 for 6-week session.

  • Composition Class runs Tuesdays October 7 - November 11 from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM




Fall 2014 Classes

Now that the session has started, we've found a few dates that have schedule conflicts. Here is a detailed schedule including all of the blackout dates when certain classes will not be running. Adult students may drop in to any adult class unless noted, but please call to check availability first: 520-629-0237. 



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ZUZI! Dance, Apprentice, and Youth Companies present:
"White Moon Dances" at Metal Arts Village


October 8th, 2014 - 6:00 PM

Metal Arts Village Sculpture Garden
3230 N. Dodge Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716

ZUZI! Dance Company presents "White Moon Dances" in the Sculpture Garden of Metal Arts Village. The evening will begin at 6:00 with roving improvised performances by members of ZUZI! Dance Company, ZUZI! Apprentice Company, and ZUZI!'s "Many Limbs" Youth Company. At 6:30, dancers will perform a short piece combining site-specific choreography and improvisation, inspired by the work of Trisha Brown, the first female choreographer to receive the coveted MacArthur "genius" award. Brown is renowned for her contributions to the development of the "release" technique, the incorporation of design and technology in her choreography, and her unusual collaborations with visual artists and avante-garde composers. In that spirit, ZUZI! Dance companies will be performing with three local musicians: Glen Wyatt, Pablo Peregrina, and Sally Withers.


No Frills, Cheap Thrills Dance Happenin'

October 24th & 25th, 2014
Shows at 7:30 PM 

in the ZUZI! Theater in the Historic Y


ZUZI! Dance Company, School & Theater presents its fall, biannual No Frills Dance Happenin' Show.  A variety of performers throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona come to share fresh and innovative works from various stages of the creative process. The works range from serious to silly and some are presented here for the first time. Performances on the ground and in the air are interspersed with the off-the-wall antics of ZUZI!'s lovable MC Carie Schneider.


Friday, October 24th's show will highlight youth choreographers and performers.
Saturday, October 25th will showcase adult choreographers and performers. 


For more information, you can visit or call 520-629-0237


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Borderlands Theater presents: 

They Call Me A Hero

Written by Guillermo Reyes

Directed by Barclay Goldsmith

Borderlands Theater proudly continues its legacy of presenting compelling stories of the Southwest with the world premier of They Call Me A Hero, based on Daniel Hernandez's memoir of the same title. Hernandez, credited with saving the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords during a 2011 shooting spree, was thrown into a whirlwind of publicity after he became a national hero. Reyes examines how, "as his private life becomes public, Daniel's family and upbringing in South Tucson provide the backbone that empowers him." A story about resilience the importance of caring for others.

Showtimes and Ticket Info:

September 25 - October 5

Thursdays through Saturdays 7:30 P.M. & Sunday matinees 2:00 P.M.

ZUZI! Theater at the Historic Y

738 N. 5th Avenue, 

Tucson, AZ 85745.

$24 - $14 Box Office: (520) 882-7406 or


Pablo Peregrina CD Release Party


Local legend and longtime friend of ZUZI!, Pablo Peregrina will be releasing a new album, Awareness with a live performance in the courtyard at the Historic Y.

Sunday, October 5th

5:30-7:30 pm


Suggested donation $5-$10 sliding scale

CDs will be for sale for $15


RSVP on Facebook:



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Taproot Productions with ZUZI! Dance Company proudly present 

The Migration Project

"The place I call home expands with every risk I take, every truth I share"


The Migration Project is a theatrical docudrama exploring human migration and our efforts to claim home, opens November 14th in a collaborative workshop production with ZUZI! Dance Company.

November 14, 15, 21 and 22 at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are $18, general admission. $15 for students, seniors and military.


at the ZUZI! Theater in the Historic Y

738 N. 5th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85745


Playwright Eugenia Woods utilized input from refugee, immigrant and indigenous communities to shape this theatrical work. The play weaves together stories of 5 central characters from Mexico, The Hopi Nation, China, Zimbabwe, and one composite character representing the voices of refugee women from Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Blending actual interview material with dramatic writing, Woods' play examines what compels these characters to leave home, what they are forced to leave behind, and how they attempt to create a new home in a foreign land.

Director Marc David Pinate of Borderlands Theater and Choreographer Nanette Robinson of ZUZI! are partnering in creating the physical language of the play, set against Artist/Scenic Designer Wesley Creigh's sculptural installation.

In the past year, THE MIGRATION PROJECT has engaged community participation through public art activities at The Tucson Museum of Art, the Hopi Foundation's Owl and Panther Project and ZUZI! Dance Company. Woods has been gathering data for the project for over a year, interviewing migrants who have left their homes for safety, for survival, for love, for freedom, for peace, for a sustainable relationship of self to place.

Opening night is free thanks to a generous grant from the Tucson Pima Arts Council. Tickets will be offered on a first come-first serve basis with project participants receiving priority seating. Donations are welcome. 


Ticket reservations may be made by email at or by calling 520 975 4021..



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