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Casting Call, 1 female & 7 males, Art Institute of Tucson

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Casting Call - Seeking 1 female & 7 males.

Audition Date: Friday, July 31, 2015
Location: Art Institute, 5099 E. Grant Rd, Room 129
Time: 2 pm – 7 pm (by appointment only)
Protocol: Sides provided upon receipt of headshot (e-mail)

Logline: When a woman's past involvement with a gang of outlaws catches up with her and destroys her new life, she's torn between hunting down those who did her wrong and protecting what remains of her family.


Josephine: A good looking woman, between 28 and 35, she is pregnant with her first baby and has been taking care of a young boy as her own. She's warm-hearted and strong, but can be secretive about the fiery, more assertive and dangerous side of her nature.

William: Josephine's husband, he's older (between 40 and 50) and likes to act as a guiding voice of wisdom for her (and serve as her protector), although he acknowledges she needs neither.

Henry: William's 8 year old boy, Josephine has been raising him for the last several years. The bond between them is almost as strong as the bond between him and his father.

Virgil Bowler: Male, 30's, Virgil leads the gang in a firm but quiet manner. He is eloquent and well-dressed, though his anger with upper class society is expressed at every possible chance. He is clever and sly, and has a mischievous side, which can turn to viciousness easily.

Edwin "Flint" Nelson: Male, 30's, Flint is strong presence in the gang, and it's readily apparent that he is Virgil's right hand man. He's more of a thinker than the rest of the gang, though quieter and often less assertive.

Jasper: Male, mid 40's, Jasper is quick to laugh and almost as quick to pull out his gun. He has the nervous air of someone eager to prove themselves to their peers.

Hiram: Male, late 20's, Hiram is a thick and tall young man whose presence is much like a tree trunk: quiet and solid. His favorite pastime is cards, which he plays with and beats his colleagues in regularly.

Otis: Male, mid 20's, Otis is skinny and clever, but has very few other positive qualities other than his insatiable appetite for reading pulp novels about Western outlaws.

• Filming late September – mid October
• 5 days total for shooting (schedule is flexible)
• SAG waivers available as well as all food/drinks and gas covered.
• Will receive IMDB credit & Copy of film for your reel
• Contact:

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