Saturday, July 04, 2015

Red Barn Theater's Saturday Musical Revues

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Saturday Musical Revues:
All with lively song, dance, sing-a-longs and jokes with piano and fiddle with the Barnstorm Players or the Children's Drama Group, or both! 

July 11
----2pm: Americana Musical Review
by the Children's Drama Group
Patriotic Songs and Songs about the States

---7pm: Rosemary in Concert with piano, fiddle, jokes and song

August 8, 2015
---7pm: Rosemary in Concert
Fiddling and piano, Classical, Pops and Sing-a-longs.

Every 4th Saturday there is some kind of Musical Revue!

All performances are $5 per person, check or cash please


948 N. Main, Tucson Az  85705 (1 block south of Speedway)

(520) 686-4798



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