Thursday, September 10, 2015

Casting Call, Two Short Comedic Skits, paid


Casting Call - Paid 
Two Short Comedic Skits: Jeep Guy’s New House and Jeep Guy’s Erectile Dysfunction 
Tucson, Arizona 

I am combining a casting call for two different short comedic skits for my new web series called, It’s a Jeep Thing. The description for each skit is below. Feel free to audition for either one or both! 

Jeep Guy’s New House 

It’s time for Jeep Guy to build a new house and he’s hired one of 
Tucson’s best architects to help with the design. But the plans aren’t really what Jeep Guy had in mind and he decides to make a few minor modifications to the design. Approximately 2 – 3 minute skit and is G rated (no adult languages or themes). 

Architect: middle-aged man who can look/act like a professional architect. 
Jeep Guy (JG): middle-aged man who knows what he wants in his house. 

Filming Schedule: 
Estimated 4 hours of filming during one day at a location on NW side of 
Tucson. Date and time flexible, tentatively set for the first half of October. 

Jeep Guy’s Erectile Dysfunction 

Jeep Guy goes to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned, but ends up being treated for erectile dysfunction instead. This will be a 6 – 8 minute video and be PG rated for mild language and sexual themes. No nudity. 

Cast members should have a great sense of humor, are not afraid to improvise and enjoy making people laugh. 
Doctor/dentist: middle-aged or older man who can look/act like a doctor/dentist. 
Jeep Guy (JG): middle-aged man who gets more than he bargained for when he visits the dentist. 
Nurse/assistant: young (20s – 30s) attractive and sexy woman willing to help the doctor put JG through a series of unorthodox tests. 
Wife: middle-aged woman to play JG’s wife. 

Filming Schedule: 
Estimated 6-8 hours of filming during one day (either a Saturday or Sunday) at a location on NW side of 
Tucson. Date and time flexible, tentatively set for the second half of October. Possible additional 1-2 hours of filming on NW side of Tucson at different location. 

General Information on It’s a Jeep Thing Videos: 
These short skits are part of a new web series based on the idiosyncrasies of people who own Jeeps – called It’s a Jeep Thing. These will be shown on the website, Experience Arizona, which is a popular website for outdoor adventurers and Jeep enthusiasts. The first episode called Jeep Guy’s Romantic Evening, can be seen here:

Matt Marine. 

About Matt Marine. 
Matt Marine authors a popular outdoor adventure website called Experience Arizona ( on which these videos will be aired. Although the website mainly deals with outdoor adventure, Matt also enjoys making people laugh. He has had his own humor column in an international magazine and dabbles in some satire in the Arizona N2O section ( of his website (similar to The Onion). In addition, Matt has also published two novels: a mystery named Devil’s Moon and a thriller named Kokopelli Harvest. You can find both on Amazon and read more about them on his website at: 

Auditions/Casting Call: 
Tucson, Saturday September 26 from 10 am to 2 pm. Email Matt with photo, bio, contact info and demo reel (if you have one) at to set up an appointment time. Please use “Casting Call: Jeep Guy’s New House” or “Casting Call: Jeep Guy’s Erectile Dysfunction” in the subject line. If unable to make the casting call, other accommodations may be arranged. 

$25 to each cast member. Cast members will also receive a copy of the final product and full credit. Sketch will be promoted through various websites and social media. Drinks, snacks and lunch provided during filming.


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