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Casting Call, Senior Student films at The Art Institute of Tucson


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Hello friends. The senior class at Art Institute is prepping for another round of senior film shoots. If you were able to join us at The Loft December 11, you saw what great work they're putting out.

They will be holding a casting call this Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm. The call will be by appointment only. There are 7 students who will be casting for many various roles. I'm attaching details here.


Films searching for actors include:



Logline: When a woman's grief manifests itself as a monster in the closet, an unlikely hero stands up to protect her.

Mia: A good-looking woman, she has just recently lost her husband and is suffering from insomnia while trying to process her grief. She is strong but quiet, pretty but unassuming.

Paul: A good-looking man. He has just recently passed away, and in the brief flashbacks shows to be a good, kind man who loved his wife a great deal. (Voice over may be necessary.)


"A Hole In Her Heart" (working title)

Logline: When caught in the act, a man and his friend discuss the consequences of his actions.

Jacob: A good-looking guy, between 25 and 35, he is more empathetic about his actions.

Alice: Jacobs partner, she's a tomboy in her mid twenties. She doesn't like Jacob's empathy. and encourages him to do his job and stop worrying so much

Girl: Jacob's girlfriend. 23 She is pretty, shocked, and pretty shocked.


"The Man in the Barn" (working title)

Logline: While in hiding during the Holocaust, a Jewish girl encounters an injured American POW. She nurses him back to health while dodging the Gestapo and her formidable aunt.

Liesel: Young German-Jewish girl, around 15. She's a pretty girl, although she looks like she's seen better days as a side effect of hiding in a barn for an undiscerned amount of time. She's shy but giving, willing to go the extra mile to help a stranger despite the danger to herself.

Lee: Young American man, between 21-23. He's a member of the Royal Air Force, which is British but Americans joined the RAF before the U.S. officially entered the war. Despite looking a bit disheveled after having recently escaped a German POW camp, he is still an attractive young man. He is outgoing and strives to bring Liesel out of her shell.

Tante: Liesel's Aunt, late 30's or early 40's, also Papa's younger sister. She is a rather intimidating woman whose loyalty to her niece is questionable.

Papa: Liesel's father, mid-forties, also Tante's older brother. He's a loving father who is forced to leave his German-Jewish daughter in the care of his sister.

Also in need of 2 men to be Gestapo officers


"Through the Canyon"

Logline: Follow a woman's sojourn to find her husband's killers as she travels Through The Canyon.

Her: A strong independent woman, in her late twenties, early thirties. Traveling through an array of emotions, her weak and humble heart must come to terms with murder in the first degree.

Him: Sheriff of the town, he is stoic in the face of death.

Hopi Native: Love and sincerity runs through the veins of this native, who becomes Her guide.

Young Men: A group of four angry young men, some of which have blood on their hands, the others have no problem getting their hands dirty as they destroy Her world.


"This Isn't What I Ordered"

Logline: Four close friends who are film students have their world rocked when they find out that their school is closing, and they make a pact to do whatever it takes to keep it open. However, the magnitude of their pact begins to weigh heavily on them, and issues in their own lives begin to interfere with their goal and threaten to drive their group apart for good.


Gage: A beautiful man with a sweet smile and kind eyes. He has a swagger about him that is not over-confident. He is kind and courteous to everyone. Very optimistic. He uses a wheelchair.

Jane: Josh's love interest, very sure of herself, extremely witty, with an irresistible quality you can't quite put your finger on. Everybody who meets her loves her, but not necessarily everyone knows who she is. She has a huge heart and can hold a conversation with anyone.

Patrick: Stephen's boyfriend, mid 20's to early 30's, has a nice build, and is very friendly – but not necessarily outgoing. He is a confident and open gay man.

The Dean: Male, a mature man who moves slowly and surely. Extremely slow speech pattern which comes off as comedic. Short attention span.

Josey: Male, late 30's to early 40'sintimidating build but awkward personality. Josey runs his own business but doesn't really know what he's doing. He gets frazzled very easily and is often overwhelmed. He struggles to say the right thing to get what he needs. He is overbearing and irrational with his employees, but overly personable and annoying with his clients.

Nikole: Brandon's soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, Nikole aspires to be a model and maintaining her thin figure is all that matters to her. She treats her boyfriend very poorly, and sees no problem with this at all. She is very shallow, loud, and cranky. She also gets upset very easily and is not afraid to make a scene to get what she wants.

Oscar: 20's, very outgoing and friendly, openly gay and very proud to be. Oscar is always the center of attention – but not because he needs to be, he just is. He has more friends than anyone you know, and knows how to do or get anything you want.

Tammy Schmidt: 40's-50's. Tammy works for the school, and has for years and years. Her life has become very mundane due to being stuck in the same routine for so long. She is relatively soft-spoken, but has still figured out a way to be personable to everyone. The school closing is exciting to her because it signifies a new chapter in her life.


"Better Ash Than Dust" (working title)

Logline: A young man who is struggling with an abuse in his life, has a chance encounter with a woman. The woman provides a brief moment of solace for the young man, which changes the direction of his life.

Samuel:Teenager, 15-20 years old. Introverted and not much of a talker, he keeps to himself mainly and is socially awkward in most conversations.

Laura: Between 35-55. Extroverted, joyful, hopeful.

Sara: Between 29-45. Looks a little rough around the edges. Sara is Samuel's mother, a chainsmoker, who is constantly trying to get Samuel to open up to her.

David:Middle aged man. Between 35-50. Build of a former high school athlete.. David is Samuel's drunken father. He drinks constantly, and is almost never sober.

Mrs. Sheridan: Between 20-40. Mrs. Sheridan is the counselor at the school Samuel attends. Pulled together, dresses well. Mrs. Sheridan thinks positively about Samuel but feels compelled to offer aid.

Thomas:Teenage boy. 15-20. Thomas is the leader in the group of boys who bully Samuel. Thomas is assertive and powerful. Quick on his feet and strong.

Bully Extras: Two teenage boys. 15-20. Followers, yes men, strong.


"Company" (working title)

Logline: When a troubled woman in a dystopic society escapes into videos from her past, the man who filmed them pays her a visit to change her future.

Woman: A woman, between 18 and 28, she works as an escort for men of The Company. During her alone time, she escapes her reality by reviewing footage of her past, though going too far into her own history uncovers some personal skeletons.

Operator: Male, between 15 and 25. Essentially a servant assigned by The Company. His task is to operate a machine that sends out projections of the Woman's recorded history. He is unclean, covered in grease from the machine, and is dressed in torn clothing a size or two too small.

Recorder: Male, 30's or 40's. Well dressed, wears a business suit. Has a scar around his right eye. Was assigned by The Company to record the Woman's life events when she was a younger, when she suffered the loss of her father.

Client: Male, in his 40's or 50's. Well off and well dressed. Executive figure within The Company. Explores his kinks in the privacy of his own home. Is very cautious about his secrets.

Cloaked Recorder: Male, in his 20's. Unseen character save for the lens that is mounted to his head. He is the current recorder in the Woman's life.

Girl: Woman's younger self. Between 7 and 11 years of age. Although she is in the age of her innocence, she is in the stages of losing her family, about to embark the rest of her life on her own without guidance.

Mother: Female, mid 30's. Attractive, but hardened to a life of responsibility. Dressed in 80's funeral black fashion.

Father: Male, mid 30's. Short cut hair, wears a wristwatch, plaid button up short-sleeved shirt and jeans. Loves the outdoors, where he likes to spend time with his daughter.



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