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Sketch Comedy Scripts Wanted - Unscrewed Theater


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Subject: Sketch Comedy Scripts Wanted - Unscrewed Theater


Our Funny Shorts 3

Sketch Submissions NOW OPEN

February 1 through March 31


          After two successful sketch comedy shows, Unscrewed Theater is accepting scripts for sketches for Our Funny Shorts 3. We are looking for comedy sketches that are 3-8 minutes long and that can be realized on the Unscrewed Theater stage. Scripts submissions should in the traditional script format. 


          After submitting a script, writers will receive feedback indicating if the script is A) ready for our next show, B) looks good for the next show, but with changes, or C) not ready yet.  All scripts submitted will receive notes - even if they are not right for our show. 


          With this process, over the next several months, we will accumulate 10-14 sketches for Our Funny Shorts 3. Once those are in place, we will announce a date for the show and begin the rehearsal process for each sketch.  

Authors may direct and cast their own sketches, or Unscrewed Theater can, but in either case the producers of the show will check in regularly to ensure the sketch is on track to be ready by the show date, and to offer help. Clearly, authors who want to direct their own script need to be able to do their rehearsing here in Tucson as the producers are sadly unable to fly to Winnipeg to watch rehearsals. Sorry, Winnipeg residents. 


          Writers submitting sketches that are approved agree that they will inform the producers if the sketch is realized or performed elsewhere after it is accepted because we advertise Our Funny Shorts as original sketch comedy. 


          Those scripts that look good for the next show, but with changes, can be resubmitted and we'll give notes and so on until we get it to where everybody is happy with it. 


          Writing for, or acting in, Our Funny Shorts 3 is unpaid.  Nobody here is making any money and the $5 ticket price goes to helping Unscrewed Theater keep the lights on. 


          Please submit scripts as an attachment with "Sketch Submission" as the re line to The submission starts February 1 and ends March 31.



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