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Live Theatre Workshop's Family Series presents its 2017-2018 Season of original Musical Adventures


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Our family series presents its 2017-2018 Season of original Musical Adventures


You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Based on The Comic Strip "Peanuts" by Charles M. Schulz

Book, Music and Lyrics by Clark Gesner

Additional Dialogue by Michael Mayer

Additional Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

June 15 – July 1, 2017              Thurs/Fri nights at 7pm and Sat/Sun afternoons at 3pm

Celebrating its 50th year since Charlie Brown first stepped foot onto the stage; we will take you back to the fun memories of the whole "PEANUTS" gang.  Throughout this musical adventure, you will peak into the life of some of your favorite iconic characters like Lucy, Schroeder, Snoopy, and of course Charlie Brown!  Some memorable songs include "My New Philosophy" and "Happiness". Come play along with us as we help Charlie get the courage to talk to the Little Red Headed Girl, play baseball, see Snoopy's imagination as he flies through the air, and see if Lucy will ever be nice to Charlie.  Fun for audiences of any age, this is a show your family won't want to miss.


The Rootin' Tootin' Tale of Little Red Riding Boots

An original adaption by Stephen Frankenfield

With original music and lyrics by David Ragland

July 23 – September 17, 2017           no show August 20, 2017                  Sunday afternoons at 12:30 PM

Once upon a time in the old west, lived a girl named Little Red Riding Boots. One day her father asks her to take some of his famous spicy-hot beef jerky to her Gran, because she's stuck in bed with a terrible head cold. So, she puts on her red cowboy boots, grabs hold of her trusty slingshot, and heads out into the Wild West, towards Gran's house. Along the way she meets critters and varmints and an outlaw or two. Can they help Red get to Gran's house safely, or will she run into unexpected trouble? Because hiding behind the prickly pear and the tumbleweeds, along the dusty dirt roads is Big Bad Coyote Jack, and he has other plans for Red, Gran and that delicious bag of spicy-hot jerky.


Dia de los Muertos The Musical

An original story and music by Michael Martinez

October 1 – November 5, 2017                        Sunday afternoons at 12:30 PM

The Day of the Dead comes to life in a new children's musical. Daniel travels between two magical worlds learning to conquer his greatest fears and discovering that those greatest fears lead him to his greatest strengths. Traditional music, dance, and storytelling bring Daniel face to face with a Goddess who swallows the stars and watches over the dead and teaches the whole audience that things are not always what they seem to be.  


Jingle Bell Rock

An original story by Richard Gremel

With live music by Michael Martinez

November 26 – December 17,2017                 Sunday afternoons at 12:30 PM

The Christmas Cheer Squad is back at it again, trying to raise the cheer for Christmas.  Only this year, J.B. Coalson head of the coal industry, has other plans in mind.  Watch as he attempts to ruin Christmas cheer and get everyone on the naughty list so they can have coal in their stockings.  Sing, dance, and rock n' roll along to some of your favorite Christmas songs as you help the cheer squad bring down J.B. Coalson and help Santa get ready for Christmas.




An original adaption by Richard Gremel

With original music and lyrics by Richard Gremel and Connor Griffin

January 14 – March 18, 2018           No show February 11, 2018                              Sunday afternoons at 12:30 PM

It's the typical story of boy meets girl.  Only this girl was kidnapped as an infant, locked away in a tall tower, and forced to grow her hair long so her evil step-mother can climb in and out of the tower. Love blossoms when a prince stumbles across Rapunzel in her tower.  But if the evil step-mother has anything to say about it, this love will not succeed.  Come see this classic story of Rapunzel reimagined as a hip-hop musical.  



Spaceman Zero

An original story by Kristian Kissel

With original music by David Ragland

April 8 – June 3, 2018        No show May 6, 2018                        Sunday afternoons at 12:30 PM

Casper has always been fascinated with space, and he's one of the smartest kids in his 6th grade class. So when he announces that he intends to build a rocket ship for this year's science fair, everyone thinks it's a great idea. Until, of course, he actually succeeds and ends up in space! While his parents and the military are busy trying to figure out how to get him back home, Casper is having the adventure of a lifetime! He even meets a new friend from an unknown planet! The General is convinced that Casper's new friend is dangerous, the reporters all want the story of a lifetime, that cute girl he likes is finally thinking about letting him take her to the dance, the science fair committee is ready to give him first place, and his parents just want him back. Can Casper make it home, save his friend, get his ribbon, and get to the dance on time? Come and find out in this truly out-of-this-world story!


Titles and dates subject to change.

For more information call (520) 327-0160 or check us out online at


Contact: Amanda Gremel, Director of Children's Programming at Live Theatre Workshop (520) 327-0160



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