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Digna Theater presents Digna, a play by Patricia Davis


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Digna, a play by Patricia Davis

February 23-26 and March 2-5
YWCA at 525 Bonita, Tucson
7:30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 2:00pm Sunday

Barclay Goldsmith Director and Roberto Guajardo Associate Director
Featuring Alba Jaramillo as Digna

Tickets at dignatheater.org; $12 students, $15 general; Thursday - pay what you wish


Feb 24:           Opening Night Reception 
Feb 25:           Pat Davis & Alba Jaramillo, moderator Marion Mundy 
Feb 26:           Margo Cowen & Anabel Hernandez,
                       moderator Celeste Bustamante
March 3:          Empty Chair Project Panel, moderator Trayce Peterson
March 4:         Barclay Goldsmith, Roberto Guajardo & Alba Jaramillo,
                       moderator Ana Cornide
March 5          Kino Border Initiative, moderator Joana Williams


        You may see art installations for the Digna Theater Empty Chair Project in public places around Tucson. Over 100 artists have created more than 60 chairs to honor and wait for the return of the 43 disappeared Mexican students in 2014.  Digna Ochoa was a young Mexican lawyer working on human and environmental cases in Mexico. On October 19, 2001, she was found dead in her Mexico City office. The authorities ruled suicide. The case has not been resolved. The case of the 43 students has not been resolved. The chairs will be at all productions.

Digna returns to the stage seeking justice and truth. She addresses an American audience.




tickets: dignatheater.org



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