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IFA Meeting: March 7th: "Soundscape: The Art of Post Production Sound for Film" - open to the public


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"Soundscape: The Art of Post Production Sound for Film"




IFA Monthly Membership Meeting: March 7th at 7pm, Luna Recording Studio, 4500 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson 

Open to the public

What is it?

Music and the texture of sound bring out the emotions in movies. Discover how to create a rich and compelling experience to accentuate the visuals. Learn about the top sound programs such as ProTools and Reason and Logic.

This will be an interactive workshop. Come hear what you are missing!

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The Director's Chair

As always we want to thank you for coming every month to be part of the vibrant Independent Film Arizona community. 
Remember, IFA meetings are free and open to the public, but we also strongly encourage you to take the next step and become a member. For only $25.00 a year, you can be part of this amazing group of people who strive to help the independent Filmmakers of Southern Arizona. Academic memberships are also available for free for actively enrolled students.




The fearless IFA documentarians meet March 8th, 6-8pm, Southern Arizona Media Studio. 911 South Tyndall Ave, #7, Tucson









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