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The Rogue Theatre's 2017-18 Season


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We are thrilled to announce the 2017-18 Rogue Season! The plays we've chosen for the season are full of mystery, drama, laughter, important ideas, beautiful language, interesting characters, and wonder. Read below some of our reasons for choosing these five adventures, and then join us as a Rogue Season Subscriber. Tickets are on sale today!




The Rogue Theatre's 

2017-18 Season of Plays





By Barbara Seyda
September 7 - 24, 2017

Production Sponsors: Pat & John Hemann


Winner of the prestigious 2015 Yale Drama Series playwriting competition, Celia is a series of monologues based on the trial transcript and court records of an 1855 case of the killing of a slaveholder by one of his slaves that he had repeatedly raped over the course of years. The voices express a range of life--joyful, terrifying, lyrical, and heartbreaking. An unflinching confrontation with one of America's original sins.


By Itamar Moses
November 2 - 19, 2017

Production sponsors: John Wahl & Mary Lou Forier


A comic imagining, in the vein of Stoppard, of a collection of 18th century rivals gathering to compete for the desired position of Thomaskantor in Leipzig. Politics, religion, and fragile egos collide in a desperate competition before their hopes are dashed by the history trumpeted in the title of the play. Very funny, very smart. 




By John Steinbeck, adapted by Frank Galati

January 11 - 28, 2018

Production sponsors: Judith & Ward Wallingford 


The iconic novel of the twin hardships of the American dustbowl and the Great Depression. A determined and self-reliant farming family abandons their land and way of life to find work and survival to the west as they join America's own refugee crisis of the 30s. An expert wedding of a human story with social consciousness.  



By Edward Albee 

February 22 - March 11, 2018

Production sponsors: Barbara Martinsons & Larry Boutis 


In a unique conceit, Albee posits a dialogue between a woman at the end of life and two versions of her younger self. The different ages of one's life, it seems, don't always see eye to eye, and a life's reflections are viewed from distinctly different vantage points. Some memories of the old woman haven't even happened yet to her younger iteration. Does that make her younger version less herself? And when the end comes, who has the last word?   




By William Shakespeare 

April 26 - May 13, 2018

Production sponsors: Andy & Cammie Watson


A great secular myth of Western culture. An aging monarch unwisely chooses to divest himself of his responsibilities and divide his kingdom among his three daughters, naively desiring to retain the perquisites of royalty. Respect and power are firmly linked, however, and the plan falls apart, the kingdom descends into war, and the entire royal family is obliterated. A warfare of generations, the play is rich with character and subplot. King Lear is perhaps the grandest of the four great mid-career tragedies of Shakespeare. 



Won't you join us for the whole season 

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Order by May 14th and receive an additional gift ticket (worth $38) to any show in the season.


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And previewing tonight at The Rogue . . .




by Enda Walsh 

March 2 - 19, 2017


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